Clutter Your Map - Rabbithole Map View Visibility Changes

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2018 at 9:18 PM
Updated: 15th Jul 2018 at 5:41 PM - Updated compatibility list
New Gizmo by Don Babilon: Clutter Your Map - Rabbithole Map View Visibility Changes

Similar to my previously released Arboretum Map View Visibility Change these mods change the behaviour of rabbithole map tags in Map View. By default a rabbithole would replace any blue lot type marker with its own red tag. That's pretty much the normal behaviour of almost all rabbithole buildings. So, if you place the Gypsy Caravan in a Big Park, the blue park bench icon will be replaced by the red Gypsy Caravan icon. I changed that.

The blue lot type markers are now visible alongside the red rabbithole tags. These are simple XML tuning files.

With the respective mods installed your Map View will go from this:

To this:

These mods are quite handy for people who put several rabbitholes on one lot or use rabbithole doors/rugs, because they allow you to select both the lot itself and/or the rabbitholes on the lot from Map View.

Resources changed
These mods change the rabbithole *.xml entries in GamePlayData.package. There are at least 52 different rabbithole entries in there. So, please forgive me when I don’t list them individually with their Instance IDs. If you want to change the values yourself and are familiar with S3PE, the file names I used are the names that you’ll find in S3PE if you sort alphabetically by Tag. I should also have added comments inside each file. They start with "DB:" and tell you what I changed.

Also keep in mind that whenever EA introduced new rabbitholes they reused them for later worlds. This means that, for example, if you have Supernatural but not Pets you will still need the Pets mods for the combo rabbitholes in Moonlight Falls because they use the same resource, or the Late Night City Hall/Police/Military file for Appaloosa Plains (Pets) and Moonlight Falls (SN) or Isla Paradiso (IP).

Compatibility and possible conflicts
These overrides conflict with each and every mod that changes the same resources, like gesimz’ suite of rabbithole mods ( or blugenjutsu’s „NPCs Exit Rabbit Holes Much Faster“ at
Both the Theatre and the Stadium overrides will also conflict with Higher Concert Payouts by speedo 10.

They are, however, fully compatible with NRaas Tagger and custom map tags made for it.

Other flavours
Except for two of the Supernatural rabbitholes, each folder contains two versions for each rabbithole. Use only one!

Version 1: DB_xxxx_v1_MapTag.package
This is just the base and only changes the map view behaviour as described.

Version 2: DB_xxxx_v2_MapTagLotPurchase.package
This is like version 1, plus it adds the option to also buy the lot on which the rabbithole is placed. With this version you can now own the rabbithole and the lot. Also the rabbithole building should not prevent you from upgrading an owned lot. Usually if you place a rabbithole on an owned lot the game will sell the lot immediately for you and prevent you from rebuying it. This version will override that.

Both the Supernatural Arboretum (that I’ve re-added for completeness’ sake), and the Fortune Teller Caravan come with additional flavours that also change the investment values, because I thought the original ones weird. I’ve included a text file in both folders with further descriptions.

Attention If you have several rabbitholes on one lot you will need the same mod version for all of them. Otherwise the unmodded rabbithole will override all settings for the modded ones.

Also, some lots in The Sims 3 cannot be bought as real estate, like, for example, the Small Park or No Visitors Allowed lot types. My mods don't change that. You will need additional mods if you want to increase the number of purchasable lots.

Quite obviously you will need the necessary rabbitholes for these mods to have any effect. They will also affect custom rabbithole objects, like jynx’s and Margaret Pendragon/Misty's rabbithole rugs or Darkitow's portals for Lunar Lakes.

If you encounter a problem or think that the mods need an update, leave me a comment and I will see what I can do. Other than that this thread is complete.

Credits go to Inge and Peter Jones for giving us S3PE and nonamena for their tutorial on making XML tuning mods. If anything goes wrong with my mod then it's nonamena's fault.
Additional thanks to Arsil and Buzzler for helping me. A lot.
And tangie0906 for testing these in conjunction with NRaas Tagger.

Terms of Use
If you upload this mod somewhere else as your own and charge money for it make sure to send me an invitation to your funeral after you've succumbed to alcohol and hookers because of all the money you earned from it.

These mods will go into your usual Mods/Packages location.