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Functional Off The Grid Food Mixer

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2024 at 2:39 PM
Off The Grid food mixer

This is an override of the chow Bella stand mixer from home chef hustle pack

It is now fully functional off the grid

you can now find it in the catalog under both room sort/kitchen appliances and function sort under offthegrid/appliances

Note: it still requires a power source so make sure you are producing power


Why did i make this?

I was trying to do a survival challenge completely off grid with no access to phone, grocery stores etc but when i wanted to bake a birthday cake to age up my child sim. In the challenge i have to harvest and prep ingredients but there was no way to do this off the grid.

Also in general it doesn't make sense to live off the grid on not have an option to prep your own ingredients
so here it is

If you're trying a similar challenge or just using simple living and off the grid traits... i highly recommend mods from icemunmun
where you'll find more harvestables as well as some more off the grid appliances Here