My collection of lamps, mostly candles and chandeliers, now off-the-grid-functional

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Uploaded 21st Feb 2020 at 6:06 PM · Updated 8th Mar 2020 at 11:09 AM by Anonymouse85

Here is my personal collection of items (35 Lamps and 3 Bathtubs) that I made off-the-grid compatible. Why?

This includes the following lamps:

...and these 3 bathtubs: Captain Mahogany Woodtub(Basegame), Cask&Barrel Antique Tub (Basegame-Debug) and the Mo'Koa Wood Bathtub(Island Life).

Just a quick update to let you know what's going on: Thanks to MizoreYukii I now know what to do now.

Please don't lose your trust in my modding abilities

They are NOT CC.
They are still the original game files so, they won't conflict with anything, unless another mod alters the same very same resource.
Don't have all of the game- or stuffpacks? Then you already don't have them in the game and my uploaded files won't change that.

Prices and colors (I don't do recolors) haven't been changed, either.

This collection includes lamps from the base game, Jungle Adventures, Seasons, Tiny Living, Holiday Celebration, Spooky Stuff, Pets, Island Life, Kids Room, Backyard Stuff, Outdoor Retreat and Romantic Garden.

Install them as any other mod - unzip and put it into your mods-folder. The objects I changed will now simply
have the cc-mark (the wrench) in addition to the regular picture in shop mode.

Altered ID's and Values and files:
Lost count. Just kidding, I will list them. Very soon.

Additional Credits:

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