Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter Six - Who Are You
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Chapter Six - Who Are You

It’s been a long cold Winter. The past 3 months have slid by at the pace of a snail. Charella is happy to see them end. She opens her window and peers out. She sees most of the Snow has melted. There are also a few birds grazing in the little patch of grass she can see growing near the garden. She knows now that Spring can’t be that far away.

After their last meeting, Charella and Augusto did not meet in the Winter, it was far too cold on the night of the ball. Instead Charella sat on her bed wrapped up in a warm blanket, dreaming about their last night together. Even though the thought of Augusto being sent away scares her to death, she has a feeling deep down that everything will work out.

The day of the Spring ball finally arrives, Charella is in a hurry to get her chores done and get to the woods to meet Augusto. She is also eager to share with him a secret. A secret she has been keeping for the past 3 months. As the carriage pulls away, Charella waves and goes back into the house, broom in hand. She then tosses the broom to the wayside and rushes out the backdoor toward the woods, eager to meet Augusto.

She skips happily in the moonlight, humming to herself as she goes. She reaches the log, but doesn’t see Augusto. Then suddenly he is behind her. He covers her eyes and kisses her head.

“Hello dear Char.” he says smiling.

He whips her around and pulls her to him, kissing her hard on the lips.

Charella smiles and laughs.

“How was the Winter? I missed you like crazy. I hope you’ve missed me too?” Augusto confides.

Charella nods.

“Yes Augusto, I too have missed you. But there is something else we need to talk about.” she says changing the topic.

“Yes love, what is it?” Augusto asks.

” Something wonderful has happened. I am with child.” Charella says excitedly.

Augusto’s eyes get large. “You’re with child?” he repeats shocked. “How is that wonderful news?” he demands. ” I am about to be married, I can’t have a child!” he says angerly.

“But I thought that , you would be..” Charella starts. “Happy?” Augusto finishes. “You thought I would be happy?” he says louder. “This ruins everything.. this is the worst news you could have given me..” he says distraught.

Charella’s eyes fill with tears. “I thought you loved me though.. you don’t love me enough to have a child with me?” Charella asks hurt.

“Of course I love you Char. Of course I want to have a child with you, but I am leaving, how can I leave you to care for our child by yourself, how can I be so selfish!?” he demands of himself. “What will my Father and Mother say? How will the kingdom react!?” he starts ranting.

Charella’s eyes narrow.

“What do you mean, how will your Father react?” Charella asks shocked.

Augusto bites his lip.

“I thought your Father was dead.. Augusto?” Charellas asks still shocked. “Who are you?” she demands angrily.

Augusto sighs. “I guess the jig is up.” he says bowing before her. Charella jumps back.

“I am his royal majesty, Prince Augustus.” he says glumly.

What! You’re the Prince! You’re the!” Oh Wow. Oh wow.” Charella says backing away from him.

“Char, please don’t go. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.. I’m sorry I kept it from you..” Augustus calls as he hurries after her.

Charella stops running. “So, what you said about the marriage, it’s true then? You are being sent away for an arranged marriage?” she asks shocked.

Augustus hangs his head. “Yes.”

“And your Father, he’s the King isn’t he?” Charella asks further.

“My Father is not the King!” Augustus replies angrily. “My mother was chosen by the King to become his bride after I was born, my Father was killed on the day of their wedding.” Augustus says angrily.

Charella can’t believe what she is hearing. “That’s awful, I’m so sorry. Now it all makes sense, why you were out here that night, Why you don’t want to get married, why you don’t … ‘ but he shuts her up with a kiss.

“Charella, this might be our answer!” he says pulling away from her. “If I tell my parents I have a child on the way, maybe they will call off the arranged marriage!” Augustus says with a leap.

Charella is confused. “How is the baby going to help your financial situation though?” she says still confused.

“Oh that. Yes. Well you see, I found out, there are other ways to pay off a debt without getting married.” he says happily.

“Come! We must find your Father right away I want to seek your hand in marriage!” he says grabbing her hand and pulling her.

But Charella stops him “Umm Your Majesty, I have something I need to tell you to..” she starts.

“Please love, don’t address me as a royal, please just call me August.” he says smiling. “What did you need to tell me . . .

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