Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3: A Girl - Chapter 9 - Everything
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Hello everyone! -waves-

I have just a very quick little memo before we get into the chapter. I have put this off for as long as I could. I'm very sorry I haven't updated in almost 3 months. An unfortunate series of events, led to the complete and utter removal of every single Sims custom content download I had on my PC :'( As you might guess, this has set me back considerably. My computer required a System Recovery. This means, I do still have my story, but my downloads are completely gone. I have been able to retrieve the rest of book 3, However, after Book 3 ends, I will be continuing my series in the "NON" Sims section of the site. This means there will no longer be pictures accompanying my story. Once I post my entries there, I will have a link to the new section -which I will post here, when I begin Book 4. I do apologize whole heartedly, and wish there was another way to continue posting here, but without the Sims family line, its impossible to continue posting images with my story, unless I make all new Sims :'( I hope you understand, it just wouldn't be the same with new Sims. Plus, I am having to track down and re-download all my content that was lost! -cries-

Thank you for your understanding- Now let's get into the Chapter!

Chapter Nine - Everything

It's nearly the end of Summer, Charella knows she is going to have her child soon. After her step mother's death, her step sisters moved out. Distraught and saddened by their mothers passing, they refused to stay in the home any longer with Charella. With her stepmother dead, Charella is finally free.

The wait through the Summer is almost more than she can bear. As fall gets closer, so too does her due date. The night of the ball, it is a clear night, misty, not chilly. Charella starts out on a brisk walk to the woods, and slows as she reaches the log. She doesn't see Augusto and sits herself down. She rests, and then all of a sudden, she has a sharp pain. She grabs her stomach and calls out as the pain becomes unbearable, the baby is coming.

Charella falls to the ground and lies back, trying to stop her pain, Suddenly the pain is more than she can bear, everything is getting hazy, she can hear a whooshing sound, then everything goes black.


"Charella?" " Charella?"

Charella opens her eyes. Her pain is gone. She is in a strange place, a giant room in a giant bed that is not her own. She sits up and sees a woman she has never seen before.

"Charella. I am Tilda, the royal maid. I'm glad to see you are awake. I have some rather troubling news."

Charella gazes upon her face, with a confused look.

"Charella dear, I"m very sorry to ..."

"Where is my baby?" Charella asks interrupting her.

"Charella dear, I'm very sorry to tell you this, but your daughter, she, she didn't make it sweetheart, I'm so sorry."

"I had a daughter?" she asks as tears begin to well up in her eyes.

Tilda bows her head and moves from her side, she moves to the door and leaves through it.

Tears streak down Charella's cheeks. She sobs into her blanket. Her heart feels like it's broken, there's a lump in her throat so big that she can't swallow, she can't breathe, or think. All she can feel is broken.

Tilda enters through the door then once more, and approaches her with a warm cloth, which she uses to wipe away Charella's tears.

"Sweetheart, we know the baby was his Majesties the Prince. After the baby was born, The Prince told his Father and Mother everything." Tilda explains.

Charella hears nothing. All just words that she cannot process. She sits as more tears spill down her cheeks. Then Augustus comes into the room, Charella looks up at him and sees he too has been crying. His face still wet, although, he has wiped away his tears. Charella gets out of bed and goes to him, he hugs her tightly.

"Char, our baby, I'm so sorry, I didn't know what to do.. and she.. I got you here as quickly as I could.. but she still.. shes gone." Augustus cries.

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