Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3: A Girl - Chapter 12 - Cursed
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Chapter 12 - Cursed

After that night, time seemed to pass by more slowly in the kingdom. Once Charella learns the undeniable truth about the King and Queen, she no longer wishes to live in the castle, and she implores Augustus to move them once the baby is born.

On a cold Winter night, Charella goes into labor.
After many many hours, Charella gives birth to a girl, they name her Rebecca.

Rebecca is a beautiful baby with flowing blond hair and beautiful green eyes. Charella and Augustus are head over heels in love and completely smitten with the little addition to their family. 3 months later, the King sends announcements of her birth throughout his kingdom. It’s not long before everyone in the kingdom knows about the birth and they too are ecstatic. The news of Rebecca’s birth travels far and wide to all the other kingdoms of the land. Soon a ball is planned in Rebecca’s honor.

It’s the night before the ball. Charella hugs Rebecca close as she carries her, asleep, to her crib. The candle flickers on the bedside next to her., and a warm misty wind blows through the window. Surprisingly it doesn’t blow out the candle. Augustus stands against the wall, watching Charella cuddle his daughter.

“It’s so funny there is a ball for someone who can’t even dance yet.” Charella says, to him.

Augustus nods.

“Yes, it’s the way things are done around here though. In honor of her birth.” he says with a smile.

Charella, knows nothing of the traditional ways of royalty, so it’s very strange to her. She feels that having so many people in the castle with her newborn is a dangerous chance. After her last child was kidnapped, she isn’t certain that having a ball is the best idea, but Augustus assures her that everything will be fine.

The night before the ball, in the middle of the night, Rebecca wakes Charella with her cry, She’s hungry and Charella eagerly feeds her, sitting on the royal bed bench in her and Augustus’ room. Some time passes and soon the infant is sound asleep, Charella kisses her tiny forehead and puts her in her cradle, before climbing into bed herself.

The door creaks just a crack as a hooded figure enters the room.

The hooded figure sees the sleeping parents. It moves past them, careful not to make a sound, then it nears the sleeping infant in her cradle.

Ever so gently, Rebecca is picked up and within moments she and the hooded figure are gone.

The next morning, the sun awakens Charella from her sleep. She awakes feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Then the thought hits her. Why has she slept so long, why hasn’t Rebecca awoken her to eat, Charella gets a sick feeling in her stomach before leaping out of bed and rushing to the cradle to find it completely empty.
Her screams awaken Augustus who rushes to her side immediately. His heart is split in two when he sees the empty cradle.

Charella falls to the ground in front of the cradle, her heart completely shattered.

After the last debacle hatched by his parents, Augustus races to find them. He finds them in the courtyard taking a walk. He interrupts and begins screaming at them.

“I can’t believe you would do this! You took her, after we have bonded with her, after we have gotten to know her.. you are truly the most despicable people in the entire kingdom, there are not words to … ”

But he is interrupted by The King, who puts his hand up and stops him.

“Son, please, what are you speaking of, surely your Mother and I have no idea what you are talking about.” The King promises.

“Rebecca is gone Father, Charella fed her last night and then this morning, her cradle was empty!” Augustus screams.

The King and Queen are shocked, and Augustus can tell that they had nothing to do with the disappearance of the little girl based on their reactions.

“We will search everywhere son, we will find her.” The King assures.

But Augustus shakes his head.

“It’s a lovely thought, but I don’t think I’ll ever see her again..” Augustus trails as a tear streaks his cheek.


(sigh) Our time together has come to an end. (at least on this part of the forum) I thank you so very much for reading my story. I will be continuing the series, but I will be moving it to the "Non Sims" part of the site, since I will no longer be posting pictures with it. If you've forgotten, my computer was compromised and forced into a System Recovery. I lost all my cc, sims, houses, everything. The only things that weren't lost, were text and images. So the chapters I had taken pictures for, I was able to post here. I had images through Book 3 only though. I had begun to take images for Book 4- but I will not be posting them. (I'm very sorry. I know so many of you (me too!!) wanted to see how Rebecca would look as an adult and the rest of the family line. It is with a heavy heart that I end the series here. I will post the link when I post Book 4 in the "Non Sims" part of the site.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you continue reading <3

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