Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3 - A Girl: Chapter Ten - The Secret
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I have just a very quick little memo before we get into the chapter. I have put this off for as long as I could. I'm very sorry I haven't updated in almost 3 months. An unfortunate series of events, led to the complete and utter removal of every single Sims custom content download I had on my PC :'( As you might guess, this has set me back considerably. My computer required a System Recovery. This means, I do still have my story, but my downloads are completely gone. I have been able to retrieve the rest of book 3, However, after Book 3 ends, I will be continuing my series in the "NON" Sims section of the site. This means there will no longer be pictures accompanying my story. Once I post my entries there, I will have a link to the new section -which I will post here, when I begin Book 4. I do apologize whole heartedly, and wish there was another way to continue posting here, but without the Sims family line, its impossible to continue posting images with my story, unless I make all new Sims :'( I hope you understand, it just wouldn't be the same with new Sims. Plus, I am having to track down and re-download all my content that was lost! -cries-

Thank you for your understanding- Now let's get into the Chapter!

Chapter Ten - The Secret

After the loss of Char and Augustus' child, the King and Queen call off the arranged marriage. Not needing the dowery for their Kingdom any longer, it;s no longer necessary that Augustus marry immediately. The Queen takes to Char rather quickly, and after hearing her troubling story about her growing up, losing her Father, her step mother who tried to kill her, and the loss of her sisters, she takes pity on her, the Queen arranges a meeting with her in the grand hall.

It's a rainy Summer day, Charella is in a sunken mood and has been for many months.

"Dear Charella, sweet daughter, I know you're hurting, I know you're in pain, I know nothing can ever replace your daughter, but I know that having someone else there, is often better than being alone; The Queen starts, pulling her into a hug.

"I'm honored to meet with you today your Majesty. "Charella says smiling as best as she can.

"Dear Child, I too am honored to meet with you today. I would hope to look forward to many more meetings, the King and I would like to extend our best wishes to you in an invitation to live in our castle."

Charella smiles a real smile for the first time in a long time. She is overjoyed and pulls the Queen into another hug.

"Your Majesty, Thank you so very much." she squeaks excitedly.


Within weeks, the King and Queen are completely smitten with Charella. It's as if she's the daughter they never had. It's also soon clear that she and Augustus have an undeniable bond as well. The King and Queen recognize the bond they share, and soon, the King is imploring his son to ask for Charella's hand in marriage.


"Son, might I have a word with you?" The King asks one morning after breakfast.

Augustus bows his head, "But of course." he replies.


The sun is shining faintly through the windows in the walls of the hall; Augustus and his father walk leisurely down.

"Son, I have watched Charella grow, I have watched her sorrow and her pain, I have watched her anguish and her torment, I know nothing can replace your child, I implore you now, you have found a worthy bride, your mother and I extend our wishes that you would marry and conceive another baby. I and your mother feel it might be the only way to help her out of this deep rooted heartache. I hope you'll think about it son.."

The King says pulling Augustus into a hug before turning away to leave him alone with his thoughts.

Augustus knows he can't deny his heart, he wants to marry Charella, but the secret that his parents have asked him to keep is eating him alive.

"Father!" Augustus yells as his father looks away.

"How can I marry her? How can I keep the secret that you sold our daughter to pay for the dowry on this land?! How can I live with myself, how can you expect me to live that way!?" Augustus demands.

The King is shocked.

"Augustus you were sworn never to speak of this to anyone. Your daughter has brought great joy and friendly relations to the Carnation kingdom, their secret is our secret."

Augustus can feel the tears welling up in his eyes, he tries to fight them, but they spill down his cheeks.

"I should have never agreed to keep your secret! What would have happened if you told the kingdom about my daughter? What would they have done? Ruled against me? Chosen not to accept me? I refuse to believe that my kingdom would turn their back on me and my bride?!" Augustus screams.

"Augustus Tyrannius the Third!" the King shouts in anger. "How dare you presume to know the true circumstances surrounding this child! We did not only give your child away to the Carnation kingdom to conceal away your illegitimate affair! We gave it away because we were in debt to the Carnation kingdom! Without your child, they might have declared war on us!" he yells further.

Augustus turns to face him, tears in his eyes. He frowns and shakes his head. "It still hurts father. No matter the reason." he replies.

His father approaches him and tries to pull him into a hug.

"Son, I understand. But we all agreed it was best to discreetly handle your child by giving it away. As I said before, your child has brought great happiness to the King and Queen, who have not been able to have their own children. Just marry your bride and conceive another child while married, the kingdom will accept their new princess, they will then learn of the pregnancy, and no one will know any the wiser."

"Father! What happens when the Carnation kingdom decides they want more?" "What happens when they want another child?" Augustus asks, shoving his father from him. "Are you going to keep taking my children to pay off your debt? I can't talk of this anymore, it makes me sick." Augustus replies, allowing his tears to fall once more, as he turns and marches down the hall, away from his father.

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