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Llama Paintings

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2006 at 7:12 AM
Updated: 15th Apr 2006 at 11:07 AM by Delphy
In homage to the noble Llama, I humbly present three paintings, sure to fit in with any decor, with which to recognize the achievements, grace, and beauty of the Llama in every sim's home.

  • A hand carved wooden border from the Arachis hypogaea tree of native Peru, in a dark mahogony finish
  • Patented "No Spit" covering
  • Sizes to suit all Sims, although we recommend you take neck insurance out for the really big ones.
  • A 3 inch, 100% steel and copper hook assembly, guaranteed to last for over 10 thousands days.

Painting #1, a recolour of "Oil Fantasy-Scape" is a fun, brightly-coloured take on the many facets of the Llama, appropriate for modern decor.

Painting #2, a recolour of "Rainy Day Main Street" is a lovely portrait of a llama at rest, contemplating the mysteries of the universe. In a rich palette of browns, oranges, and purples, this large painting makes a statement. Mostly, "I like having big pictures of llamas on my walls."

Painting #3, a recolour of "Olive Peynter's CitySkyScape" is an airy, light, almost ethereal look at a ghostly white llama, rendered in a subtly impressionistic style.