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Basic Popcorn Ceiling Tile Recolours

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2006 at 8:11 PM
Updated: 7th Feb 2008 at 2:59 AM
I love Jgwhiteus's Visible Ceilings and wanted some more basic recolours to use, so I made some, in white, dark and light grey, black, red, and pink with a popcorn ceiling texture.

If you are using a cruddy graphics card and/or Radiance Lighting these may not look as good as the screenshot - there will be obvious differences in shading where the tiles come together. This is a common problem with ceiling tiles, and unrelated to my recolours, so please direct any complaints to [email protected] :D

Due to the difficulty in taking screenshots for these (having to exit to neighborhood and re-place every tile to change colours) I've only included a screenshot of the light-grey, with the textures attached. Use your imagination.

You'll notice there are three .package files for each colour included - this is due to the nature of the original mesh. Would have done it in one if I could have, but such is life.

Thanks to:
  • DameSporkalot, for taking the pretty screenshot for me since she's got a nice graphics card and was getting rid of Radiance Lighting anyway.
  • Jgwhiteus and Inge, for the ceiling tiles.
  • Everyone who has contributed to the creation and development of SimPE.
  • MTS2, the rest of the staff, and Delphy, for creating a such a fantastic place to learn and share information, so I could figure out how to do cool stuff like this.