Rickshaw - Driveable and Decorative

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2006 at 5:40 AM
Updated: 10th Feb 2007 at 7:59 PM - added expressions/words in the description
Long ago I was asked by beautifullass to create a rickshaw for her game. I hope it is a little bit of that what you imagined, beautifullass! -
Here it is!
For several reasons it took me a very long time to make it, so I decided to offer some more colours for it and to share it here. For all who cannot use or don't want to use the driveable version I provide a decorative rickshaw as well.
You can see the content of the .rar-files in the pictures.

Nightlife is needed! - All objects are colour-enabled and EP-ready.

To install the objects unpack them to your download folder. To uninstall just delete them!
You can find the driveable versions in the car collection - the decorative objects can be found among the miscellaneous.
Statistics and content
Driveable rickshaw with closed canvas cover/top
Rickshaw-driv-c.rar; object plus 4 recolours; faces=6373 - vertices=7038

Driveable rickshaw with open canvas cover/top
Rickshaw-driv-o.rar; object plus 4 recolours; faces=5651 - vertices=6369

Decorative rickshaw with closed canvas cover/top
Rickshaw-deco-c.rar; object plus 4 relolours; faces=6383 - vertices=7004

Decorative rickshaw with open canvas cover/top
Rickshaw-deco-o.rar; object plus 4 recolours; faces=5661 - vertices=6396

Keep in mind that animations of the cars still work with this object! Also some that wouldn't belong to a type of vehicle like this (rickshaw)! I couldn't get rid of them! All my effords only were enough to get a Sim standing in front of the rickshaw and to be moved in the object without animation while the vehicle is moving along the lot.
So, if you like, test it and delete it or play with it!

These objects may be recoloured and used also by housebuilders in their lots as long as the mesh and the copyright isn't changed and you upload your creation on this side as well. So I could easily use your objects, too. Don't upload it to the exchange, any other site is welcome.

A long time making the rickshaw I really had to rack my brain over the animations. Now I wanted to have a break. Everybody who is able to split the animations of the rickshaw pulling Sim is welcome to do it, if s/he wants!

Have fun with the object(s), hexameter.

Remark: If you installed Pets the file of the driveable version will work correctly! The positions of the animals work as well as Maxis provided!


These objects were made with SimPE, MilkShape, UV-Mapper and PaintShopPro.

To the creator/s of SimPE, UV-Mapper and my commercial programs.
To Numenor for CEP To Carrigon and Adidas for comprehensive descriptions of relations of package content and Simantics.