RealiSIM Oval Glasses

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2008 at 5:20 AM
Updated: 13th Jan 2008 at 6:14 AM
I got a little inspired after Phaenoh started on her great default replacement glasses set (click there for more cool eyeglasses for your sims - no mesh required!)...

Got me to thinking how few really decent eyeglasses there are for sims... there's a lot of funky high-fashion sunglasses out there and stuff, but even with Phae's set, there's really not THAT many true glasses for your sims with less than perfect vision.

So, I made these - simple, basic thin-framed oval glasses, the sort you'd see on real people (and quite a bit less chunky and large than Maxis glasses, which have always seemed huge to me). As a result these may not fit every sim perfectly - sims with nose bridges that stick out really far or who have very wide cheeks will probably get some clipping - these glasses don't distort with the sim's face - but they should work on a pretty wide range nonetheless. No nose rests as sim nose width is variable but width of that part cannot be changed dynamically to match.

I might end up making a few more types - been plinking around online at different styles, seeing what would be the most useful and generic for a wide range of peoples' self-sims and stuff. We shall see.

These glasses work for both genders and for all ages except toddler. I have done them in four colours: charcoal/black, silver, gold, and black frames with sunglass lenses. Files are labelled so you can delete any colours you don't want.

These do not have special bin numbers to allow for accessory multi-wearability: all OTHER custom accessories than glasses should be re-bin-numbered to be worn with glasses and other accessories, but it's not necessary for glasses (you wouldn't wear two pairs of glasses at once), hence why I didn't do so.

Model Credits:
  • Model is my sim Olivia Morana and you can download her (and find details on her content) at that link right there... She's wearing an outfit by me which may be downloaded here.

Thanks to:
  • MTS2, the rest of the staff, and especially Delphy, for giving me such a cool place to learn how to make pretty things for pixel dollies.
  • Tiggerypum and Dr. Pixel, for so much meshing help along the way.
  • Wes_h for Unimesh.
  • Quaxi and the rest of the SimPE team.
  • Phaenoh, for inspiration.
  • Milkshape, and 3DS Max.
  • Late nights fueled by cinnamon coffee.

Polygon Counts:
876 polygons, 835 vertices (reasonable)