Skill Building Toy Garage

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This download is part of the Stuff for Kids Creator Challenge

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Uploaded 1st Jan 2009 at 8:31 PM · Updated 8th Aug 2014 at 3:29 PM by leefish

After spending the last month racking my brains to try and think of an entry for the kids challenge I came up with this - an additional toy to complement the dolls house. This is a toy garage for little boy sims (and tomboy little girl sims) to play with.

In the dolls house children play with little dolls - these dolls are coded into the object so I made an alternative set of toy cars. Unfortunately, I had to use the existing animations so the animations of the sims holding the cars is not a perfect match; but better than using dolls in a garage, right?

The toddler animations came out ok - the toddler puts the car in their mouth and shakes their head etc just like the doll house

The garage functions ALMOST exactly the same as the doll house - adults, elders and teens can join the children in play, but do not start playing with the garage on their own, the difference is that children and toddlers build mechanical skill when playing with it.. Teens and older do not build skill as that would be silly, but their fun increases just like the dolls house.

The garage can be found in the catalogue with the rest of the toys and costs 120 simoleons (it costs less than the doll house because a Sim dad made it out of bits of wood so it is cheaper )

If you use the garage in a lot
Please be sure that you package the garage and the little cars and give DL'ers a link to this thread just in case

Polygon Counts:
Garage polys 380 intact, 488 broken
Car polys = 110 per car

Custom Content by Me:
- Toy cars for Garage
- Bits O'Wood Garage

Additional Credits:
Maylin- for the incredible texture she made for me - it made such a difference to the object I class her as a co-creator on this object. Thank you again, it is kindnesses to others like this which makes MTS2 such an amazing place to be.

Echo for writing the BHAV tutorials and then checking my BHAV and telling me which line I had missed - Thank you SimPE of course, and MTS2 for giving me a place to share my stuff.

UPDATE 2014 : The garage now shows on community lots and can be placed on OFB shelves.