The Glass Stampede

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2009 at 2:02 PM
So, you'll think I tend to repeat myself, but...
It's a horse ! It's an elephant ! It's giraffes !! It's a stampede ! In glass !!!
And it's recolorable glass ! ^^

3 days to crack the glass making method and all I can come up with is this :D
The glass stampede is separate from the normal stampede, it will not replace it, and it will have as much placement slots, being cloned on the same object. (As demonstrated in the second pict).
Note that the colours displayed here are not the original. The stampede comes in shades of translucent grey (see the second pict, the 3 ones on the left are the default colour).

The polygon count is the same as the original Stampede

Polygon Counts:
Horse : 150 vertices - 216 faces
Elephant :481 vertices - 656 faces
Giraffes : 530 vertices -888 faces

Additional Credits:
OM again for giving me the elephant mesh. Thanks !
Wes Howe for constant guiding and everybody who contributed to the glass experiments ^^ Thank you !