More sideboards, please

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2010 at 7:34 PM
Updated: 14th Jan 2010 at 2:35 PM

Here comes a second chapter in the attempt to convert every luxury mansion in a unique place with unique pieces of special furniture.
This sideboard with multiple slots where to show your trophys and your souvenirs is fully hand carved in fine and rare woods or covered by exotic laques, ancient bronzes or delicate marbles. You choose! because it comes with five different textures (ten patterns) but its fully recolourable in two channels and an overlay.

Price and catalog: The object is cloned from the Dining Club table (285 simoleons) so, in theory, it can work as a table or as a desk, but there is no need to sink your sims in there if you have "official" tables at hand

Happy and classy simming!

Polygon Counts:
Vertex: 2535
Faces: 2060
(I know, I know, a bit high, but it looks splendid in game...if you think that this can slow your game do not download it, I will understand)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to these past Holy Days: I have found the necessary time to spend in meshing!