Brad Burton

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Hello Everyone, it's been a while After a Long break (Not For long though). So I decided to make Two new Sims that I couldn't resist.
Brad is Kinda Based on Steve Fox and Lars Alexandersson from the Tekken Series.

Brad is A man of mystery.Maybe whether if it's his charm,bravery, his smooth talk or loyalty is what makes Brad so likable. He is a Underground Street Racer and a College Grad Student.



Everyday---Formal---Sleepwear ---Athletic---Swimwear

He's come with Vanilla non CC Skintone to avoid problems of crashing while including CC Skintones, but he has a custom CAS Picture Bin

~Custom content~

-- Included --

- New faces (default and non-default) by Allieverwanted (updated for LN)
- "Oh My Tiffany" -an eye set- (Contacts) by Escand

- Mostly you'll need Late night and the Base game

-- Not Included --

- "Who's Your Barber?" Stubble Set (Stubble) by Bocboc256

~Very important Mods!!~

In order to Edit his features the way you like him to me you will need slider hack, if you don't he will snap back!!

---> Latest Patch 1.18 Base + 6.1 LN

---> Master Controller by Nraas Industries (twallan) (Slider Multiple 3X) (I'm Using this Btw) or you can use AwesomeMod or any other hack.

---> Note: If you are using Master controller I recommend you using this Slider hack,by Awt it's definitely Required.

---> Head Shape slider by Jonha

---> Facial and body Sliders by Jonha

---> Chin to Neck Slider by Heriet

---> Facial sliders by bella3lek4 And Here


Peace and love

Custom Content Included:
- Escand contacts by escand
- Updated for LN/1.18 by allieverwanted

Additional Credits:
Allieverwanted for her Generous Permission
Fresh Prince for His awesome Sexy 2009 Ferrari California
EvaTer for her Tutorial on how to do this