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Nadia Shivers

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2014 at 7:16 PM

Bio: Nadia has a very cheery, keen, blunt and bold personality. The valley girl at heart, she grew up in a beach valley town. As a child Nadia loved going to the beach along with her parents. She became obsessed with sea animals. While being an animal lover, Nadia loves sea animals the most. Everything around sea animals fascinates her. Her personality sounds great but, if people get on her bad side well it's a given and she won't take it very lightly.Although it takes a lot to make her pretty angry. Currently Nadia is studying and majoring medical and science while double majoring oceanography in college. One day her biggest dream is to become an oceanography teacher and the explain the importance of sea life to other students.


Nadia's face were sculpted by using Nraas Master Controller mod (1X) sliders. If you do not want to change her face then don’t worry. She will remain the same. If you do want to change Nadia's face then you will need to download the Master Controller mod.

I also used this mod by CmarNYC (Basic non-core Edition) I don’t think you will need this too if you only want to change her face or whatnot. And it shouldn’t cause any problems, just like Nraas mods.

I packaged Nadia with EA's default skin. If you download most of her stuff she should show exactly like pics above and every thing should be fine.


(**Since Sclub site is down for now, I uploaded the Makeup too!!)

Created and Tested with Game Version Patch 1.63


Additional Credits:
And of course these wonderful poses!


traelia ,

JuBa_0o &


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