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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2008 at 6:12 AM
Updated: 12th Feb 2009 at 9:31 AM - Flie Fixed
Well Heres's a special project for the contest that I've been working on (like almost forever)

Well I didn't include sims but the suits n stuff is included
to make this story short it here it is Cybersuit RX-09!!
this concept is based on many ideas like power rangers Metroid and Mega Man series
it's bumpedmaped and has a animated siren!!!

No Fatmorph!!! (I know, sorry) It keeps exploding every time I do it for no reason
Accessories is available For male adults only except for the 9mm Accessories (Which is only available for adult male and females though
It has two groups but one is not visible (In order to make it shine properly)

download it and see for yourself

Models not included the file its self is large enough!!



Polygon Counts:
Cyber suit

Faces: 2508
Vertices: 2212

(Animated) Cop Siren

Faces: 810


Faces: 1849
Vertices: 1786


Faces: 816
Vertices: 1156


Faces: 984
Vertices: 2062

Custom Content by Me:
- Lazer_Gun mesh by 9b8ll
- RX_Lazer_Gun by 9b8ll
- 9mm by 9b8ll Mesh
- 9mm by 9b8ll
- RX-09 (Red) by 9b8ll
- RX-09 (Yellow) by 9b8ll
- RX-09 (Blue) By 9b8ll
- RX-09 (Black) by 9b8ll
- RX-09 (White) By 9b8ll
- Cybersuit Mesh by 9b8ll
- RX_PoliceSiren By 9b8ll Mesh
- RX_PoliceSiren By 9b8ll
- RX_helmet mesh by 9b8ll
- RX_Helmet (Red) By 9b8ll
- RX_09_(Blue) by 9b8ll
- RX-09 Helmet (Black) By 9b8ll
- Rx-09 Helmet (White) by 9b8ll
- RX-09_Helmet (Yellow) by 9b8ll

Additional Credits:
A very Special thanks to.....
Adele (Without her great help I wouldn't be able to do this)