The Wall Washer

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Uploaded 14th Jan 2012 at 4:08 PM · Updated 15th Jan 2012 at 6:31 AM by daluved1

No more water effects!
Thanks to the lovely and talented cmomoney who slipped me a fixed rig file for these urinals, you will find that the new package no longer will have the water fall effect when the sims "flush". However, the sims will still make the flushing animation.

The Wall Washer (Updated)

I've spent the last few sim sessions redoing Bridgeport because it's just not grungy enough for me. And, while building a night club, I thought of how perfectly realistic it would be if male sims could pee on walls.

Since script modding is waaaaay out of my league, I decided to go for the easier - yet functional - route to achieving what I want. I simply pinched the EA vent mesh and made it function as a urinal.

You simply place the vent on the wall, and male sims will be able to walk up to it and "use" it. The bounding box is set to where you can click anywhere on or under the vent to queue the action.

The only flaw with this "public urinal" is that it still has flushing animations and the water effect will appear after the sim has flushed. I've done all I could to fix the water effect, but it won't stop showing up. The actual flushing animation itself is unavoidable.

Something else to point out is that a sim will not pee if a child is in the area. Not saying that's not how it should be, or anything.

I can make it disappear!

Well technically I can't....But, if you have Buzzler's (latest) Vanishing Script Mod installed, you will have the ability to make the Wall Washer invisible during gameplay. The only downside is that once it becomes invisible, you will no longer be able to "click" the object. However sims will still try to use it if they can. It's just that all the interactions will be come autonomous.

Now your males can take that serene pee in the wilderness, without anyone judging!

Please only download one version of the file! They will conflict!

Polygon Counts:

Object Information:
Channels - 1
Buy Category - Plumbing/Toilets
Price - 1 Simoleon

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Buzzler for adding the urinal script class to your mod.

TS2 Maxis hair conversion by TumTum.

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Bathroom Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #urinal, #public, #outdoors, #grunge