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Simple Shower Tub

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2011 at 6:26 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2011 at 4:03 PM
The one overused and abused object from TS2 that I miss the most is the Aquaplus Shower Stall - with the back removed. I've had this mesh sitting in my WIP folder for months due to the shower curtain animation impaling sims, so I finally dusted it off and finished it! No more impaling! Yay! The shower is designed to fit snugly into a 2x1 space, so the tub and shower rod is up tight to the walls, and the shower head and handles appear to be attached right to the wall.

Check out the moving shower curtain! Wooooot!



Technical Bits
  • Buy/Appliances/Showers & Tubs
  • ยง475
  • 4 Channels (tub, hardware, curtain, rod)
  • One preset (as shown)

Polygon Counts:
Polys are a bit higher than the EA expensive shower/tub due to the curtain mesh. Most curtain meshes are flat and EA attempts to add folds via textures - which I don't much like the look of - so I am using the curtain mesh from the TS2 shower.

High - 2693 (EA one is ~1700)
Low - 1572