A Major Award

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Husband, reading out loud as he unpacks a strange lamp from a wooden crate: “F-R-A-G-I-L-E … Fra-gee-lay … why, it must be Italian!”
Wife: “I think it says Fragile, honey.”

~ From A Christmas Story, by Jean Shepherd

Yes, this is a simization of that iconic leg lamp from the classic movie, A Christmas Story. While Dot over at TSR created it for Sims 2, I was unable to find a Sims 3 version…so I made one myself. This is an entirely new mesh, and not based in any way on anyone else’s.

The Gam O’ Glam comes with three preset variations, and is recolorable in three channels. It functions as a normal lamp, with all the typical lamplike abilities. One of the presets has a non-recolorable black lace garter.

You can change the pattern on the leg to something more or less fishnet-like. To that end, I created two square fishnet patterns, large and small, that can also be downloaded from this thread. Arwen also created some fishnet patterns that looks very nice on the Leg O’ Lamp. For a list of skin tone hex and RGB codes, look here .

Of course your Major Award comes with a commemorative plaque that you can place on your simmy walls in both Simlish and English:

And here’s one for your real wall, too. The PDF is with the other downloads in a separate zip file. Just set your printer to landscape and print away.

Technical and Other Relevant Info

A Major Award is located in the Function -> Lighting -> Table Lamp section of the Buy Catalog, while the Certificate of Major Award Commemorative Plaque can be found in Function -> Décor -> Wall Hangings. Both fishnet patterns are located in the Geometric category in CAST. All items (except the patterns) provide +1 to Environment.

A Major Award (Leg Lamp)

Price: 75
Channels: 3

Certificate of Major Award Commemorative Plaque

Price: 10
Channels: 1

No expansion or stuff packs are needed. All meshes were play tested on a base game fully patched to 1.38, and on a game full of expansions and stuff packs using 1.38. They might work on other levels, but there are no guarantees.

I love thanks and welcome comments, and of course, please report any problems you have here in this thread and I’ll send Ralphie over with his Red Rider BB Gun to solve the problem.

Tools used: Milkshape, S3PE, TSRW, Sims3Pack Multi Installer, Photoshop CS6, Delphy’s PatternPackager, Adobe Acrobat

CC Credits: The Chameleon Flowers by me here at MTS, and The Walls Have Eyes from Two Patterns Plus One Plus One by me also.

Warning: This lamp is Fra-gee-lay! Your sim may experience permanent Phantom Limb Syndrome if this leg lamp is amputated, broken, or deleted from your Packages folder!

Polygon Counts:
A Major Award
High Polys: 808
Low Polys: 374

Certificate of Major Award Commemorative Plaque
High Polys: 110
Low Polys: 54