Sunshine's Sanctuary

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At first glance, Sunshine's Sanctuary appears deceptively small, but the house has more than enough room for a family of five. Situated on the docks in Lucky Palms, this sleek, modern home was designed to take advantage of the spectacular desert views, and the architecture fits in nicely with the town's contemporary vibe. Let your Sims soak up some of that warm desert sunshine on the large second floor deck or cool off inside while enjoying the wonderful scenery through walls of glass windows.

Originally built for my legacy family, the name is inspired by my heir. One of her friends always calls her "Sunshine" in my story and since this house will be her home (once she can afford it), I thought it was fitting.

The dining room opens up to the kitchen, but the living room/TV room is separated by the stairs. This house is very playable, with plenty of elbow room for your Sims to maneuver around and plenty of space for customization. I left the study purposely generic so it can function as any number of things (an extra bedroom, an art studio, etc).

The house maintains a rich, yet chic color scheme throughout the downstairs that extends into the master bedroom upstairs. My heir likes purple, so that's the color I chose to decorate with.

There is a small nursery at the front of the house and a slightly larger kids' room right next to it. I figure that once the baby (or babies) grow older, the nursery can easily be converted into an additional bedroom.

  • Three Bedrooms + Study
  • Two Full Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room
  • Second Floor Deck
  • Modern Design Aesthetic
  • Great Views

Lot Details
  • Lot Size- 29x13
  • Built for 14 The Lake in Lucky Palms (Can be used on any of the Lucky Palms dock lots, but you will need to download these terrain paints by CameranutzII in order to paint the deck the proper wood tone.)
  • Furnished- §134,746
  • Unfurnished- §59,627

Stuff Packs Used:
  • High-End Loft- Recommended, but not required. I used two items, the "FormFunk B-Shelf" and the "FormFunk G-Shelf" (bookshelves), from this pack.
  • Outdoor Living- Required. A lot of the decor is from this pack.
  • Town Life- Not required. The chess table in the dining room comes from Town Life.
  • Master Suite- Not required. (At all.) One decorative lighting object (the candles in the dining room) comes from Master Suite.
  • Diesel- Required. I used this pack extensively.

CC Used:
Store Content Used:
If it is marked with a double asterisk (**) it is required. The rest is purely decorative.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: §134,746/§59,627

Additional Credits:
A big thank you to all the wonderful creators of the CC I used and to everyone who gave me feedback in CFF- Volvenom, teal_moonshine, Guysim1993, ~Dee~, delilahsmith, Tee Hee Hee, clynnc19, and Riptide651. Thank you all so much for your help!