Raven Flores

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Bio: Raven has an interesting life; she is somewhat silly yet friendly. When Raven was born, she was diagnosed as a genius. Raven loves technology so much that she loves to proclaim herself as a geek regardless of what everyone thinks about her. While Raven attended at her local high school, she was awarded with numerous of scholarships; creating the first robotic life-like human skull. One day she would like to take her talents and put it into a greater cause for humanity.


As usual,her face were sculpted by using Nraas Master Controller mod (1X) sliders. If you do not want to change her face then don’t worry. She will remain the same. If you do want to change Raven's face then you will need to download the Master Controller mod.

I also used this mod by CmarNYC (Basic non-core Edition) I don’t think you will need this too if you only want to change her face or whatnot. And it shouldn’t cause any problems, just like to Nraas mod.

I packaged Raven with EA's default skin and replaced her outfits with base game clothes except her makeup; to avoid any technical problems! (As always, she is almost CC free!!!)

You can use the Non-default skin if you don’t feel like downloading the default skin. It’s almost the same.

Created and Tested with Game Version Patch 1.50


Additional Credits:
I would like to thank every single one @ the CFF, FREEDOM_55, HystericalParoxysm, Yogi-Tea and trinicmuslim

And of course these wonderful poses!

Elexis, traelia , JuBa_0o & Eternila