Faux Chimney in 3 Pieces

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2010 at 9:41 PM
Updated: 20th Apr 2010 at 9:05 PM - updated meshes; new screenshots
The top of this chimney was requested by BandoGurl4515. The other 2 pieces were added by me- I feel it makes it more complete. These are purely decorative. I worked from a picture, which can be seen here.

The 3 pieces are the base, an extension (for 2+story houses) and the top. There are 11 recolors- 10 are Maxis Match brick and stone. The textures don't match the Maxis walls exactly since I played with the textures to make them look a bit older. I used the repository technique on this set and the top is the MASTER- the files are clearly labeled.

*The cheat "moveobjects on" must be used to place the extension or top on top of the base.
*The top can be placed anywhere on the roof if you'd like to use just that piece. You'll have to use the cheat to place it.
*These can be placed before or after the roof is put on the house. If you want to use just the top- place it after the roof is on.
*I cloned these from the Immobile Chimes sculpture. They take up 2 tiles and are base game.
*These can be found under Decorative>Sculptures and Outside>Decorative. They cost 13 Simoleons.
*Recolorable- NOTE: These all have a shadow mesh. It's a separate mesh and is not recolorable. Any texture you use will have the shadow on it. There is 1 recolorable subset and that is the brick/stone.

Credit goes to BandoGurl for the request and 2 of the textures used; Huge Lunatic for telling me how to get the Maxis textures used; blake_boy for the Tivoli Plantation furniture- which I studied to learn how to add a shadow mesh.

In the screenshots, you might notice the texture on the top is smaller and that there's a faint line between the pieces that's more noticeable on the lighter textures. I did try to fix these 2 things. In the end, I decided the smaller texture size didn't look too bad. Resizing the mesh to get rid of that line resulted in a tiny gap, no matter how small of a change I made- so I left it as is.

If you would rather have this set without the shadow mesh, in lighter colors and with the metal recolorable- that set can be found HERE - both sets use the same GUIDs, so if you have this set just let the other set over-write the files. (Even the recolors.)

Polygon Counts:
Base - 222
Extension - 30
Top - 1150
Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, UVMapper, PhotoShop CS2