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Safe and Fun Bonfires

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2014 at 6:32 PM
XML Tuning Mod:
This is a simple mod the removes the chances of fire spreading from the bonfire or at least reduces them to 0% chance... not sure if traits or other influences can still cause it. I also tweaked the chances of the Stink Bomb to 0% chance when you throw a vial at the bonfire and tweaked the chances of nothing, fireworks, and blue fire up (by about 5% each) to fill the gap. This should allow you to throw bonfire parties without much concern and will still allow you to throw herbs to enjoy into the bonfire. Also as a time saver... I reduced the amount of wood you need to throw on the pile by making it only need one stack of wood to take it from Small - Medium and two stacks to take it from Medium - Large. So this is again another time saving mod as well as a safeguard... if I want a Sim to die... I'll make that happen myself.

This Mod Uses: BonFire_0x887c51e29cf27722 and shouldn't conflict with anything that doesn't use that item.