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Playable Sims Can Witchify

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2014 at 10:16 PM
This mod allows Sims to ask other Sims to make them into a witch (in the same way that one can ask the NPC High Witches).
Thus, if a playable Sim knows the Magus Mutatio Spell, you do not need to be controlling them in order for them to cast it. If the Witch is visiting on a lot, controllable Sims can request to be made into witches.

Sims must still meet the relationship requirement (friendship), and the Witch must be greeted in order for the option to show up in the pie menu.

I have altered the casting requirements so that if a witch is uncontrolled, they do not need to have the required reagents to cast the spell. While controlling a Witch, reagents are still required unless using treeag's mod or something similar. If you are using such a mod, make sure it loads after this one and there should be no conflict.