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Pleasure Aspiration

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2018 at 3:30 PM
Updated: 25th Jul 2018 at 1:58 AM
Pleasure Aspiration

Sims with the Pleasure Aspiration love wild nights out, cozy nights in,
and what most Sims would consider "the good life".
This aspiration is for teen and older.

CAS Trait:
Carefree (Sims with this trait won't get tense)

Reward Trait:
Chill (A life of fun and leisure has mellowed out your sim.
Now your sim won't become angry, tense or embarrassed.)

Level 1 - Common Comfortlover
  • Get 3 massages at the spa
  • Show of your moves at the nightclub 3 times.
  • Buy a hot tub

Level 2 - Hearty Hedonist
  • Go on 3 dates
  • Make 4 friends
  • Own a bar worth 1,000 simoleons

Level 3 - Frolicking Free Spirit
  • Order food at a restaurant 5 times.
  • Woohoo 3 times
  • Throw 5 parties (These have to be prestige events)
  • Use bubble blower 5 times

Level 4 - Pleasure Seeker
  • Buy 3 festival souvenir tees.
  • Take a vacation (camping or jungle)
  • Throw 5 gold parties
  • Achieve gold level on 5 dates.

Note: I put Outdoor Retreat as a requirement, but this aspiration can also work with jungle adventures installed.

07/24/18 - Updated Version with golden icon.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu for the Mod Constructor
the MTS community