Pomp & Circumstance

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2016 at 4:28 PM
Handshakes, galore! For your smarmy politicians, proud parents, and hopeful job candidates.

Pose Codes
Shoulder Grasp
a_heaven_politician01a - politician
a_heaven_politician01b - recipient

Double Handshake
a_heaven_politician02a - politician
a_heaven_politician02b - recipient

Photo Op Handshake
a_heaven_politician03a - politician
a_heaven_politician03b - recipient

Seated Handshake
a_heaven_politician04a - politician
a_heaven_politician04b - male recipient (open legs)
a_heaven_politician004c - female recipient (crossed ankles)

Kissing Baby
a_heaven_politician05a - politician
a_heaven_politician05b - proud parent
p_heaven_politician05c - wary toddler

Crying Baby
a_heaven_politician06a - politician
a_heaven_politician06b - embarrassed parent
p_heaven_politician06c - wailing toddler

You will need to use moveobjects to place your sims in the correct position. They should snap together, as long as you don't use alt to place them off grid. Once you cancel the interaction, they will mush together. It looks scary but just direct them to walk away and all will be right with the world again. The pose codes are listed if you want to type them in, but the poses are list compatible.

Additional Credits:
Cmo for the Pose Player and the Pose Pack Creator
Kaleekalo for her amazing Pose Creation Series
A for the Blender plugin and rigs - Sims 3 Clip Tool
Cloudwalkersims for their Object to Accessory Tutorial
Buckley, for needing these poses for her game which gave me a project to work on.
goodnightlittlewing for taking the showcase photos for me.

Other Tools Used:
Blender S3PE Gimp