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Georgina Lampposts

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2019 at 3:11 PM
I really loved the outdoor lampposts from TS4 when it came out and wanted them, badly, for Greymont Bay. It took a lot of work to learn to convert stuff but with Sandy's help, I was able to do it! I did end up doing some frankenmeshing as well because the TS4 art style really didn't fit in TS3. I wanted clear glass and better flower baskets so there was a bit of extra work on my part but totally worth it, I think!

This set consists of 3 different lights in varying degrees of fancy. All are found in Lighting > Outdoor Lights and are unlocked for use in CAW.
Georgina Outdoor Lamppost Basic2251556 / 251
Georgina Outdoor Lamppost3001616 / 299
Georgina Outdoor Lamppost with Double Hanging Planter40034590 / 2091