Personality Inheritance Generator

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2017 at 2:17 AM
Updated: 4th Aug 2017 at 11:48 AM
Recently this thread here at MTS encouraged me to reconsider my gameplay style (once again) and consider customizing the personality traits my Sims inherit from their parents.
Because I'm too lazy to roll dices every time a baby is born and I would rather get an automated way to randomize those traits I created this simple app. (An early version of which was posted in that very same thread.)

Traits are not calculated by adding points as the in-game system. Instead it uses a simple system which gets a partially random value and then calculates proportional values which match the criteria (see configuration below). Depending on the configuration you use you may get very random traits - or not.


This download is not an in-game download, and it does not automatically change Sims personality.
It shows you their traits (according to those parameters you choose to set) which you can then modify using SimPE (see tutorial below) or other tools such as InSimenator or SimBlender.


This download does not require installation. Simply extract the .rar file where you want it on your computer, and you should get a .htm file which you can view in any browser, on any operative system.
The app does not require internet connection to work.


You may change the following settings.

Range: Uses the range of values between one parent score and the other one. (Set as default.)
Fixed: Calculates the average of the both parents score.

Increases the length of the range of possible results. Applies to both the fixed and range modes. (Default is 1.)

Minimum & Maximum
Total amount of points will be limited by these values. (Default is from 25 to 35.)


New to SimPE? Don't worry, this is fairly simple. Just follow the image tutorial.

Known issues

In order to keep it simple I have limited the number of iterations of the script so it's possible to get some traits that are slightly lower/higher than expected. If it bothers you - just roll again!

Additional Credits:
* gummilutt & co for the great ideas in the forums
* SimPE for making everything we imagine possible
* Gimp for image edition