Performing Arts Lifetime Wishes

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Uploaded 10th Sep 2017 at 6:46 PM · Updated 10th Sep 2017 at 7:07 PM by Franzilla

I originally intended to upload this for the Performing Arts Bimonthly Theme, but other stuff got in the way. Drat.

There are currently three new wishes in this file: "Beet" of Your Own Drum, Master of the Scales, and Well-Toned, Well-Tuned. All 3 require Late Night, and will not appear if you do not have it installed and selected. They are all basic skill-based wishes inspired by the base game wish Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers.

I know fishing, sports, and gardening aren't performing arts buuut...shhhh.

Required Traits
Associated Traits
Excluded Traits
Beet of Your Own DrumMaster the Drums and Gardening skills
Balance is the key to a happy, healthy life. For some Sims this balance is achieved by combining nightly wild drum solos with relaxing afternoons in the garden. To reach the point of ultimate balance in life, your Sim will have to perfect their musical and botanical prowess.Green Thumb, VirtuosoVegetarianHates OutdoorsLate Night
Master of the ScalesMaster the Bass and Fishing skills
A musically gifted fishersim may seem like a bit of an oddity, but do not be fooled. It takes a unique skillset and quite a bit of patience to be able to masterfully wield both bass and fishing pole. Knowing a bass from a bass and musical scales from fish scales is a step in the right direction, but it will take more than that if your Sim wants to perfect both skills.Angler, VirtuosoLoves the OutdoorsHates OutdoorsLate Night
Well-Toned, Well-TunedMaster the Athletic and Piano skills
Being able to score with a winning play and to play a beautiful score is a feat very few Sims can boast. It will take more than just hard work to reach the pinnacle of physical and musical achievement. It will take serious dedication backed by natural talent for your Sim to reach both.Athletic, VirtuosoCouch PotatoLate Night

Required traits are traits required to roll the wish in CAS or for coming-of-age townies. You can still manually select the wish in the CAS menu (or with Master Controller). Associated traits are additional traits that add to the chance of rolling the wish (assuming required and excluded criteria are met). Excluded traits will not allow the wish to be rolled, but it can still be manually selected.

This was created with 1.69 but should work fine with 1.67 as well.
This is a pure scripting mod that should not conflict with anything else, but there is always the small chance of someone else using the same FNV64 names.

Additional Credits:
velocitygrass for the Sims 3 New LTW Tutorial

EA/Maxis for images extracted for LTW icons

Gimp for the ability to crudely splice my icons together