Automatic Sunburns V10a (flerb update!)

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2018 at 10:24 AM
Updated: 9th Jan 2023 at 4:34 AM - update
January 8, 2023 Yes I'm alive! Around the end of 2020 when I finished my last update to this mod, I think the overwhelming stress of the pandemic burnt me out. I had been working on sims mods for 3 years in almost all of my spare time and never even played the game or any other game. It felt like a heavy burden and chore. I stopped playing the Sims altogether and had some big life changes while facing uncertainties about the future. I used to mod for the sims1 in 2001 and took a 15 year hiatus lol. I have been focusing on family, friends, and rebuilding my IRL business as the pandemic slowly phases away. I started playing exclusively VR games, NMS, MSFS, and lately SkyrimVR on an new 3080 12600k system. Which after imbibing in the hundreds of mods skyrim has to offer I came across some Sims4 mods this evening and realized just how long it has been since I'd even logged in, let alone thought about the sims... Honestly, I cannot remember how most of my mods work (they were intricate rube goldberg machines scrawled out on notecards) and that has become intimidating. No promises but perhaps in this new year I'll take a look at what has changed if i can re-learn and get my bearings after all this time. It took me like 15 minutes to remember how to log in here and make an edit.

December 12, 2020 I tested with the skintones patch and almost everything is working. Remove the old addon_Flerb_EASkins_Override, it won't work. I need to wait for Sims4Studio and the Skininator to be updated in order to edit the skintones. All that will be missing is a subtle texture to sim's tans and sunburns, so no big deal, you might not even notice. The automatic skintone selection will only half work. It will not recognize any new EA skintones yet and will treat them as CC, defaulting to a medium skintone type. I will update this soon. This means making a giant list of over 100 skintone IDs and categorizing them. It will take a minute lol. For now you can manually change your sims' skintones using the Automatic Sunburns interaction menu. Everything else I tested was working perfectly.

I've created a Patreon page if you love my mods and want donate or see what additions are coming, please visit!
I've put so much work into this mod and am very proud to share it with my fellow sim enthusiasts!

September 19, 2020 Version 10 is finally available for everyone! It was a ton of work to get this finished over the last few months. I've tried to cover it all in the description below, but I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two.
special thanks to Kimikosoma for French translations and being a second set of bug catching eyes!
And super thanks to everyone else who helped with little problems along the way over the last year, especially thepancake1 for solving a big mystery with the sunmachine.

How it Works
Sims will tan and sunburn anywhere outdoors if the conditions are right! The mod will require Island Living to work. Older versions of Automatic sunburns are available if you do not own Island Living and still want to see your sims tan.

Core Elements
  • 6 skin exposure levels, a blend of mine and EA's
  • A skin exposure motive and a Vitamin D motive that swap automatically.
  • Sun tanning skill
  • integration with Island living objects with new outcomes based on a sim's tanning skill
  • Sun Machine object for affluent sims to artificially tan.

Human sims will change in appearance depending on how much time they spend in or out of the sun. Things like clothing categories, skintones, time of day, and weather affect how a sim will tan.
It's a bit complicated but a picture is worth a thousand words. I went blind trying to draw it.

There are 3 levels of sunlight throughout the day:
  • morning light at 38% intensity
  • high and bright mid day sun at 100% intensity
  • evening light 38% intensity
  • There is no sun at night but you might find a sim that spends too many nights in the dark gets exposed to some cosmic phenomena!
  • Sunrise and sunset times are different in each world, and sometimes don't seem to sync up with the actual world lighting. This mod just follows EA's rules for day and night.
apparently the sun doesn't shine in Batuu
I guess the three suns of Batuu don't shine ultraviolet light? Tanning will be disabled in Batuu, and Vitamin D will raise to full levels.

Things that affect sun exposure

Seasons makes the sims world dynamic. Different types of weather will affect the UV light shining from the sun.
These are multiplied by the time of day intensity and the clothing a sim is wearing.
a sim in swimwear will receive these amounts of sunlight:
  • 100% sunny days
  • 80% partially cloudy days
  • 20% overcast days (yep UV light comes right through clouds)
  • 180% sun snow (all that snow reflects nearly double the UV light)
  • 0% when there's any falling rain or snow.
Different groups of clothing categories will burn sims with different skin patterns.
For example, a sim wearing a cold weather outfit will only get burned on their face and neck, while a sim in their bathing suit will get nearly full body coverage.
Different clothing categories block the sunlight so a sim wearing a bathing suit burns faster than a sim wearing their everyday clothing.

Each clothing group blocks a different percentage of sunlight:
  • 0% blocked > swimsuit
  • 66% blocked > everyday, formal, party, pajamas
  • 50% blocked > hot weather, athletic
  • 75% blocked > cold weather
(Some sims, the natural types, they will burn about 10% faster)

Sunscreen If a sim applies sunscreen (bought on the computer under order... purchase tanning items) they can block those UV rays.
Sunscreen has a nice aroma other sims will react to. Sims wearing sunscreen will tan slower depending on the SPF they choose to wear. SPF6 is a tanning lotion that will slow how fast a sim exposes, but it takes some skill to use. SPF15 and SPF30 are toddler safe. All NPCs wear SPF15 sunscreen. You will see them apply some at the pool or beach, or anytime they're in the sun in their swimwear. Toddlers will need help applying sunscreen, but children can do it themselves. Sims wearing SPF6 and SPF15 sunscreen will glisten and shine.

Using the Fitzpatrick scale as a guide to categorizing skintones, I've added a skintone detection system. This allows fair skinned sims to tan faster than darker skinned sims along with other affects like peeling.
Any sim with an EA skintone will be assigned to 6 categories of skin type: fair, ivory, medium, olive, dark, and ebony.
Fair skinned sims will not tan and immediately burn unless they take care to use sunscreen. SPF 30 is a good choice for them.
Ebony skin tones will tan and may never sunburn.
All CC skintones are assigned to the medium skintone, but you can change a sim's skintone behavior at anytime by clicking on them.
The behavior of ivory skinned sims is equivalent in rate to the previous versions of Automatic Sunburns.

Other parts of the mod

Patterns and Persistence
Any time a sim increases in sun exposure level, their clothing at that moment determines the pattern burned on their skin. For light tans and sunkissed tans a soft pattern for their clothing category is applied. A sim in normal clothing will have mostly their arms and face exposed. A sim in swimwear will have a swimwear pattern applied instead. For swimwear you can customize this a bit by clicking on any sim and choosing a one piece suit or bikini for example. This choice will stay with them. (note when sims age up from children to young adults you will need to choose a new pattern).

When a sim is sunburned or gets a golden tan, the EA system kicks in. The EA tanning system can make an exact detailed pattern of any clothing a sim is wearing.
(note: some CC skintones do not have the required elements to make the darker tans/sunburns work properly. Check to see if there are updates for your favorite CC. My soft under layers of tanning and sunburns still will work)

Vitamin D
As if all this wasn't enough, I added a vitamin D system! I based the numbers of real world data, if a sim stays out of the sun for 14 days they will develop a vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms are sometimes sadness, dizziness, but always fatigue. In the fall and winter when rainy days are abundant, if your sim runs into trouble with vitamin D, it might be a real challenge to find some sunlight. Maybe that's a good time for a vacation? Even a walk outside with the dog, or a jog in morning can get those levels rising. Sims that get a healthy dose of sunlight will slowly convert it to Vitamin D over several hours even after coming indoors. In a short time any worrisome moodlets they have will go away.

Skin Cancer addon

While making this mod I based it on realistic data for an accurate simulation. As I researched I was surprised to learn each time someone gets a sunburn,
their chances of getting skin cancer go up by about 10%!! Children who get sunburned nearly increase the risk by 20% with each sunburn. So I've incorporated skin cancer
into this mod as another challenge in gameplay. There are 5 levels of risk a sim can have. You'll see it appear as skin spots, or sun spots on sims.
The more apparent the spots become the higher their risk. As they age the risk goes up as well. A teen with a high risk may only have a 2% chance, but when they age that risk gets higher and higher.
In the end there's a chance your sim will increase their risk of dying from skin cancer if they get sunburned too many times in life. A sim might notice a strange spot when near a mirror.

this is an addon package so you can choose not to include skin cancer in your game.

Flerb Sunny Area Circles and Shady Areas
This allows you to activate sunny areas on porches and indoors. Or add shade under trees and umbrellas.
I found the game turns the sun off on porches, under glass roofs, any roof for that matter. So I created little carpets that will activate the sunlight when sims are near them!
Right now I made them only produce 50% sunlight. They will still be affected by clothing, skintone, and weather conditions.

You'll find them under build mode with carpets. There are two swatches, one a bright color for placing, and a transparent version, or shadowy versions.
I would recommend placing the visible circles first, then using the design tool (hit R) to change them to transparent.
Any sim within the radius will start feeling the sun after a few seconds, so you don't have to be very precise with their placement.
Place them on porches, under glass roofs, on pools, and even indoors by windows. See the gallery images for examples. (Or maybe even in a basement with mirrors and high voltage lamps for the mad scientist types )

Tanning Objects
Sims can use all of the Island living objects and use interactions that came with Island Living like lounge chairs and towels, however the EA moodlets and tanning is replaced with my own system.
I've also created an artificial UV light source! The Sun Machine is a way for sims to get Vitamin D and Tan indoors at anytime. If a sim has a low tanning skill, they might make some mistakes with any of these interactions...

Tanning Skill
Yes there's now a tanning skill! It has 5 levels and will help a sim use the objects mentioned above without making mistakes. Sims with a low tanning skill might not apply suncreen or tanning lotion correctly and end up getting an embarrassing sunburn. (yeah it happened to me IRL more than once). Sims can build their tanning skill by using outdoor tanning objects, or researching tanning on the computer. At first they will learn faster from reading, but after getting to a higher skill there's no education like experience.

Sunburn relief
Sims can purchase aloe vera juice form the computer and apply it to their skin. They can also purchase aloe vera seeds and try to grow their own aloe plant for harvesting. A milk honey soak bath can provide much relief, especially after applying aloe vera juice. Sims can also attempt to use the "unsunburn" function of the sunmachine.

Vampires can't tan obviously. That would be...
Other sims like plant sims use sunlight for food.
Robots? nah
Mermaids! Yeah they will tan!
Spell-caster sims, however, I had to disable suntanning for them as their motive display gets messed up. No big deal, maybe YOU can cast a "tanning charm" by using the shift+click cheat menu to give them a tan.

There are a few optional addon packages included.
Skin cancer addon (described above)
Another is small changes to the default EA skintones so that sims tans and sunburns have a more mottled natural appearance. The default skintones don't have this pattern on tans. It's most apparent on fair skinned sims, especially around their face and eyes.
And the last is a tiny addon which allows sims to have extra personality traits for unusual circumstances where a sim's tan might change their personality. Only use this if you aren't using another personality train number mod.

overrides and requirements
208941 | beachTowel_Nap
211810 | broadcaster_Suntan_LaughAtPrankedSim
185980 | buff_Sim_Weather_Hidden_Cloudy
200789 | buff_Suntan_CurrentlySunbathing
208937 | chair_LoungeChair_RelaxFromNap
211819 | chair_SitLoungeFloat_RelaxFromNap
215396 | marketStalls_Food_IslandWorld_FishingTournament
210964 | marketStalls_Food_IslandWorld_FreshCatch
210963 | marketStalls_Food_IslandWorld_IslandBBQ
180841 | marketStalls_Seasonal_Fall
180843 | marketStalls_Seasonal_Spring
180840 | marketStalls_Seasonal_Summer
180842 | marketStalls_Seasonal_Winter
208911 | object_BeachTowel
132799 | object_marketStalls_Crafts
202328 | object_MarketStalls_CurioShop
169823 | object_marketStalls_DailyCatch
169824 | object_marketStalls_Dockyard
132720 | object_marketStalls_Food
177007 | object_MarketStalls_Jungle
169917 | object_marketStalls_SquareSnacks
206821 | object_sitLiving_LoungeChair
212063 | object_sitLiving_LoungeChair_Inventory
240282 | object_sitLounge_EP09JIG
210101 | object_SitLoungeFloat
207378 | pool-swim_Mermaid_Sunbathe
211811 | reactions_Suntan_LaughAtPrankedSim
211048 | suntan_PrankReaction

It partially overrides all food and drink stands.