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Grilled Cheese Aspiration

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Created by r3m
Uploaded: 26th Jan 2016 at 12:49 AM
Updated: 3rd Sep 2019 at 3:35 PM
Mod Status

Ha! I can't believe I managed to upload this just before EA brought back the Grilled Cheese aspiration. It's been a while, so this mod is currently obsolete. Unfortunately, I have no plans to update it yet.


2016-01-31: Translations to French, Portuguese, and Russian (by MiniMimi, lol1234554, and Heu3BecTHo, respectively) were added.



Who doesn't remember TS2 quirkiness? From zombies to Cow Plants, the game was filled with wacky stuff that made me love the game. I appreciate the fact that some of the original charm is back in this iteration of the game, but it was not going to be complete without my beloved Grilled Cheese aspiration. That's right, the hidden aspiration introduced in Nightlife that had your Sims obsessing over Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and wanting nothing more.

Forget wealth and love; toasted sandwiches are what really matter in life! Knowledge? Pfft, merely a steppingstone to the cooking of the scrumptious snack that is Grilled Cheese.

The Grilled Cheese aspiration is back as a custom Food aspiration that unlike regular aspirations has a reward associated with each milestone. See below an overview of the aspiration and the major changes introduced with this mod.

Common Camembert CoveterEat 5 Grilled Cheese SandwichesSims gain fatness points 50% slower than other Sims.
Gouda Gobbling GourmetEat 15 Grilled Cheese SandwichesBladder decays at 12% the rate of normal Sims.
Exceptional Edam EaterEat 30 Grilled Cheese SandwichesSims unlock the ability to paint Grilled Cheese on easels.
Munster Munching ManiacEat 50 Grilled Cheese SandwichesSims unlock the Conjure Grilled Cheese self-interaction.
* Note: the original aspiration had the lifetime want of eating 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I found that was a bit too much, so I tuned it down to a total of 100. Let me know if you think 100 sandwiches is not enough!

Eating Grilled Cheese

The cheeseatarian lifestyle comes with strong moodlets. Click the spoiler below to see what to expect after devouring some cheese on buttery bread.

* These buffs replace the regular food buffs that your Sim receives after eating.

Painting Grilled Cheese

As Exceptional Edam Eaters, Sims will be able to paint Grilled Cheese on easels. This interaction requires a large canvas, so it costs ยง100. Your Sim will create one of 5 different paintings depending on their Painting skill level. These were converted from previous Sims games and do not override any of the paintings that ship with the game.

Conjuring Grilled Cheese

This interaction is available to Sims that have completed the aspiration. Sims concentrate for a bit to materialize an Excellent (or Okay if your Sim is Tense) Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Although this interaction is free, it does drain your Sim's energy.

Talking About Grilled Cheese

Sims who have selected or completed this aspiration unlock the Talk About Grilled Cheese social interaction. This will be most likely rejected by other Sims, but if your Sim manages to talk about their favorite snack successfully then it will result in a large relationship bonus. Traits, Charisma skill and relationship are factored in the outcome.

Other Changes

This aspiration comes with 3 whims: Buy a Stove, Eat Grilled Cheese and Paint Grilled Cheese. Additionally, Grilled Cheese Sims have the option to prepare Grilled Cheese from the breakfast and brunch menu (to normal Sims it's only available as dinner and lunch).

Technical Info

Additional Credits:
plasticbox for their tutorial and their custom foods (which I studied to make Grilled Cheese available for breakfast and brunch)
scumbumbo and Deaderpool for their scripts & discussion
scripthoge for their injector script
scumbumbo, Deaderpool, velocitygrass & Kuree/plasticbox for their handy tools

lol1234554, Heu3BecTHo, and MiniMimi for their translations.