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Faster Vintage Car

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2014 at 2:13 PM
New Gizmo by Don Babilon: Faster Vintage Car

This mod changes the speed of the Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car, a premium item that came with the Store world of Roaring Heights. It's a very simple XML tuning file.

The default speed of the fully fixed car is slow, and I mean very slow. While I don't really mind slow vehicles in The Sims it has always felt slightly odd that the sound makes it seem as if something is hindering the car from driving at its full supposed speed. It felt and sounded wrong. I changed that.

And now the car goes from this:

To this:

Resources changed and possible conflicts
Thankfully the speed tuning for the car comes in its own XML file: Instance 0x6C4B7286A32C65BC inside the 0xfd5bc411259c4a70ae7c8568439bd853.package file.
This also means that this mod should only conflict with another mod that changes this very file. All other possible tuning changes to the car should be unaffected, as they are separate.

Quite obviously you will need the Store object for this mod to have any effect.

If you installed the object as sims3pack this mod will go into your usual mod location. If you installed the object as packages you will probably have to place the mod in an Override folder instead.

Credits go to Queen Inge Jones and her Prince Consort Peter for giving us S3PE and nonamena for their tutorial on making XML tuning mods. If anything goes wrong with my mod then it's nonamena's fault

Terms of Use
If you upload this mod somewhere else as your own and charge money for it make sure to send me an invitation to your funeral after you've succumbed to alcohol and hookers because of all the money you earned from it.