Don Babilon

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2015 at 9:56 PM
Updated: 30th Apr 2015 at 9:36 PM by Don_Babilon
New Gizmo by Don Babilon: Me!

I was asked recently whether my profile picture was available as a Sim for download. Vain and selfish as I am I was of course flattered and hastened to do what I was asked. So here I present to you

Don Babilon

Don Babilon is a man who enjoys the comforts of life and is always on the prowl for love.

His traits are:
Flirty, Snob, Mooch, Childish and Party Animal
His hidden traits are: Burglar and Pizza Appreciator

If you leave him as an inactive he'll most likely date the whole town and dance the Smustle after Woohoo only to start Woohoo again. As I said, he knows what is good and he needs that aplenty.


This Sim was saved with default replacement skins, eyes, beard and custom content as specified below

If you want to have him look exactly like in the screenshots you will need some stuff from the Store, several EP and SP items, some default replacements and one piece of third-party CC. But you won't need any additional sliders. He was made with the default in-game sliders and no slider hacks were used.
No fancy picture manipulators were used for the photos either. They come straight from my game, so he should really look like in the pictures with Sim Detail and Texture Detail set to very high.

Hair: Store The Bee's Knees
Beard: default replacement by robokitty Thinstache Defaults
Body Hair: By TummyZa at MTS Custom Body Hair Overlay
Eyes: Default replacements by Aikea Guinea
(1) Default replacement face by TummyZa at GoS (Face and body are separate files in the zip; you only need the face; WARNING: the body file is 18+ and compatible with an anatomically correct bottom mesh)
(2) Default replacement body is Kanno's Moonlight Skin. The Sim, however, was saved with the modified adult (18+, with pubic hair and anatomically correct) version by Oykawoo that is available on Sexysims (no link for obvious reasons). An alternate version with pubic hair but no anatomically correct addition can be found at Garden of Shadows

Please note: skins, eyes and beard are default replacements so if you don't feel like downloading these the Sim will have either EA default or any default replacements that you might have in your game. Not using the default replacements I use shouldn't really matter though; it won't break the Sim. He'll just look different then.

Outfit: Store Roaring Heights
Shoes: Store Messenger Brogues
Earrings: Showtime EP

Outfit: Fast Lane SP
Shoes: Store, like Everyday

Outfit: Master Suite SP

Top: Store August Mission Shirt
Bottom: Roaring Heights

Necklace: University Life EP

Outfit: like Everyday
Shoes: Late Night EP

Installation instructions

Extract him carefully from the zip and drop him gently into your SavedSims folder. Once in-game he'll greatly enhance the quality of your whole simming experience despite his horrendous upkeep. Promise.

Special Thanks
to Anais123 who was reckless enough to ask for him. Let's see whether she really keeps her promise to shower me in strawberries and feed him enough champagne, rum and hot chocolate to keep him going.

Terms of Use
If you upload this Sim somewhere else as your own and charge money for it make sure to send me an invitation to your funeral after you've succumbed to alcohol and hookers because of all the money you earned from it.