Baker Trait

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Uploaded 26th Aug 2019 at 5:23 PM · Updated 7th Mar 2020 at 6:10 PM by xbrettface

1/16/2020: Updated the whim reason to read "from Baker Trait" & tested working with 1.60.54
1/10/2020: Added Russian translation!
12/19/2019: Added Chinese translation!
12/13/2019 (No Update Needed): Tested working with: 1.59.73
11/20/2019: Updated the CAS trait animation!
11/13/2019: Updated for version 1.58.63
9/20/2019: Added French and Italian translations!

This trait can be found under the Hobby section in CAS (for teens, young adults, adults and elders) and adds a few fun features for those Sims who love to bake! Played along with my Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration to add some additional depth to playing with a Baker sim!

Built with game version: 1.54.120

Trait Description:
These Sims gain powerful moodlets from baking. They learn Baking and Cooking skills quickly, find inspiration to bake frequently, take pride in crafting high quality dishes and can Share a Secret Recipe with trusted friends!

New Buffs:
The Cherry On Top (+1 Confident Mood for 2 hours) from decorating baked goods (cookies, cakes, pastries, etc..)

How Sweet It Is (+1 Inspired Mood for duration of interaction) from baking (oven and cupcake factory) and decorating baked goods.

Whip It Real Good (+Inspired Mood for 4 hours) from performing Watch Cooking Channel, Watch Culinary Training Videos, Watch Cooking Shows for Ideas, Look for New Recipe Ideas and Research Advanced Cooking Techniques interactions.

Shared a Secret Recipe (+1 Happy Mood for 4 hours) from performing the new social interaction 'Share a Secret Recipe' on another sim.

Social Interactions:
Share a Secret Recipe (Friendly Interaction) can be performed on sims with medium to high friendship levels (a trusted sim!) and will give the new 'Shared a Secret Recipe' buff.

Skill/Career/Emotion Modifiers
Baking 1.8x
Cooking 1.4x
Gourmet Cooking 1.4x
Autonomous Inspired Emotion 1.6x
Culinary Career Performance 1.4x

Trait Whims:
Bake Apple Pie
Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bake Something
Bake Something in the Cupcake Factory
Bake Something on the Stove
Become Inspired
Buy a Cupcake Factory
Buy a Warming Rack
Buy an Oven
Buy an Oven while Inspired
Discuss Favorite Recipes
Get Creative
Give Someone Cooking Tips
Level up in Baking Skill
Make Something of Excellent Quality
Prepare Fruit Cobbler
Prepare SimCity Cheesecake
Prepare Sugar-free Carob Coconut Cake
Prepare Tiramisu
Prepare Fruit Cobbler
Research Cooking Techniques
Take a Photo of Experimental Food
Travel to Spice Market
Watch Cooking Show
Write a Cookbook

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor V4 Caradriel's French translation
littledica's Italian translation
WoaiWilliam's Chinese translation
AN_Gel's Russian translation