Gingerbread Cottage - Uni Starter

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2007 at 8:13 AM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2008 at 12:08 PM
...for all the homeless gingerbread people in your neighbourhood...

This cottage is made from the finest baked goods, with picturesque side-entry porch and gable windows. Gingerbread sculptures add interest to the block. The front entry has been rather neglected since the porch was built, but still opens, and there is also a kitchen door - mainly accessing the dustbin!

The garden contains both gingerbread vines and marshmallow bushes, ready for sale or to restock your fridge. Keep them watered, and they'll keep fruiting nicely. There are also some conventional flowers. The yard on the other side of the house is basically empty, and could be used for parking or for a new garden.

The inside of the house is conveniently arranged, with an eat-in kitchen roomy enough for the family, and a long parlour opening onto the garden. Spiral stairs lead to the top of the house, and there is an extra washroom tucked in behind the stairs.

Upstairs are two bedrooms, with private access to the bathroom from the master bed. The landing is roomy enough for a dresser or desk.

The house comes sparsely furnished for a gingerbread-couple. Harvest a few marsmallows, and you'll be able to afford some extra furnishings very quickly.

Notes for players -

Playtested for about a week.
The included furnishings are those seen in the top-down screenshots.
Other items can be seen in playtest shots - they come from Moon_Ez or from Parsimonious, linked below.

Marvine's stair animations and Echo's harvest basket didn't package, so they are included separately in the rar.

Please report any problems. And Merry Christmas!

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price: $19,977

Custom Content Included:
- Wall 012S by BlackyPanther
- Wall 002 by BlackyPanther
- Wall 010 by BlackyPanther
- Wall 011 by BlackyPanther
- Wall 012 by BlackyPanther
- Terrain Gingerbread 001 by BlackyPanther
- Terrain Gingerbread 002 by BlackyPanther
- Terrain Snow for Gingerbread by BlackyPanther
- Gingerbreadman Vine by Fireflies (and Echo)
- Orange Lino by WykydSyn
- Gingerbread Icing Wall Sculpture by Holy Simoly
- Candy Cane Fence Lantern by Kate of parsimonious
- Gingerbread Angel by BlackyPanther
- Gingerbread Train by BlackyPanther
- Gingerbread Tree by BlackyPanther
- Gingerbread rail by BlackyPanther
- "Candy Cane" Smaller Street Lamp by Kate of Parsimonious
- Lightwood Stair-matching Fence by Marvine
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- Gingerbread Gate by Moon_Ez
- Uni Window recolour by Moon_Ez
- Uni Door plain gingerbread by Moon_Ez
- Coloured Marshmellow Candy bush by fireflies
- Marshmellow Candy bush by fireflies
- Wall - Candies blissfully one on top of another!  by [email protected]
- Wall - Circle of candies by [email protected]
- Wall - wavy icing by [email protected]
- Wall - curly icing by [email protected]
- Uni door decorated by Sim_Me
- Large Gumdrop Fence by HChangeri

Additional Credits:
The full Lebkuchenhaus building set by Blackypanther is available here:

Thanks to Numenor for the BGS

Thanks to Echo for the Harvestable crop meshes. (Farmer's Set -

The cottage looks great with the gingerbread furnishings from Parsimonious' Advent Calendar (see playshot)
and those from Moon_Ez's lot. (Moon_Ez Gingerbread house -