Vacation Minis in Three Styles - BV only

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2008 at 5:27 AM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 9:46 PM
A little cabin in the woods...
A hut by the beach....
An oriental miniature...

Presenting: a set of Bon Voyage miniature vacation houses, fully furnished and costing under $20 000

Each cottage includes a double bed, kitchen and dining facilities, private bathroom and phone. They are built and decorated in styles appropriate to their culture, and provide a convenient and affordable base for getting the most out of your vacation. Singles or couples only! Perfect for honeymooners, offering privacy and value for money.

Notes for players:

All the houses are built on the same plan - a bedroom nook, a kitchen area and a small bathroom between. They are designed to be played from the front-right corner, as seen in the tropical montage above. There should be a minimum of stuff in the way of the player's view from this angle, and you can see the entire lot at once.

Decorating makes each house unique.The Asian version boasts an ornamental pond. The Tropical hut is built up in case of flooding, and includes a tiny deck. The Mountain cabin is built of enduring stone, prettied up with a few roses.

Each house has been built and (briefly) playtested in a base + BV-only game. I've had six people in these houses without too much traffic jam, although they are definitely designed for intimacy rather than parties.

Due to the size of the lots, there is not much scope to alter or extend, but you could add stairs and another storey if you like. Redecorating, of course, is up to the new owners.

The 1x1 Sunnyside lots can be found here.

CC Included: Thanks to Chrissy6930 of TS2Creations.
I don't know why it didn't come up in the upload wizard, but there are a few extra build items included. All are by Chrissy6930.

In the Asian house:
Mulberry Small round window,
Mulberry half window,
Mulberry 2-tile window
Mulberry door.

Mulberry Build Set by Chrissy6930

In the Mountain house:
Mountain two-tile Transom Privacy Door, with hickory and roswood recolours, by Chrissy6930.

No CC used in the Tropical house.

Mountain cabin: $15, 399
Tropical hut: $14, 031
Asian Cottage: $17, 282

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: various

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Chrissy6930 for allowing her work to be shared in free lots. I can't imagine why EA didn't include some decent Asian windows.