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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2021 at 2:17 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2021 at 5:24 PM
"Sims with Pensive Trait take more time in self-reflections and may have extraordinary talents in coping with loneliness, since they spend most of the time immersing in their own world, which in return, might cause tendencies to over-thinking and social phobia. "
Child to Elder, human species only, in Emotional category.

Compatibility & Requirement
1. Compatible with Patch 1.70
2. No expansions and stuff packs needed.
3. Open for testing, please let me know if there's any problem.
4. Made with Zerbu's Mod Constructor V4, thanks for his amazing work!

What does this trait do?
1. Different thoughts with emotions would appear on Sims with Pensive trait from time to time.

2. Random Thoughts List
The Truman Show
Nameless Sorrow
Talk to Oneself
Real Corporate Slave?
(currently 8 emotions/thoughts included, will update soon)

3. Social Interactions: (will update soon)
1) Share Strange Thoughts
When a Pensive sim shares his/her strange thoughts with other sims, it may have two different outcomes based on the trait of the listeners.
(1) Inspiring conversation;
Add two different positive emotional buffs to the Sim and the listener.
(2) Wrong person to share.
Add two different negative emotional buffs to the Sim and the listener.
Sims can remove their random thoughts by Sharing Strange Thoughts interaction!
2) New Year Greetings (Chinese Lunar Year exclusive, ignore this if you don't want it.)

4. Other Features:
1) When Pensive sims' social needs are in yellow or red, which means that they lack socializaiton, they won't feel lonely or isolated. Instead, they will be having happy and confident buffs.
2) Pensive sims will uniquely react to pleasant or awkward conversations.
3) Pensive sims will uniquely react to different "back home from work" situations.

Reason to make this mod
I really wanna add some metagame factors to this game. For example, while you're controling your sims, suddenly they pop up an idea saying that they suspects that there's someone manipulating them. What a surprise lol!! I guess the sims would be more real when I add more random thoughts to them in the future.

Anyway, have fun guys!

Additional Credits:
All of the icons used in this mod:
1. Sliceberry:
2. Darius Dan:
3. Soni Sokell: