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TS3 STBL editor

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2009 at 10:45 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 4:17 PM by Nysha
With this editor you can change ingame text, like item description, jobdescription, jobnames, etc.

To get it to work you'll need some things first:

- You need the Java Runtime Environment. Chances are good that you already have it, but if you can't open the "Sims3 STBL editor.jar" found in the archive you'll need to download and install it. The Java SE Runtime Environment can be found here: Java SE Runtime Environment

- You need to extract the proper STBL from the fullbuild0.package (with proper I mean it depends on where you live. If you are french for example you want to extract the FRE_STBL and not the ENG_US one...). This can be done with a tool named S3PIDemoFE, which you can find at S3PIDemoFE tool
S3PIDemoFE can also be used to create a new package where you put your new STBL into.

After you've grabbed the above you can use my tool (just extract the rar-content wherever you like). You load the proper STBL into my tool and then you can change the text to whatever you want it to be. Keep in mind that the tool won't change the extracted STBL, it makes a fresh copy of it, just changing the things you have changed in the tool. The new STBL can be found in the Out-subfolder and that is the file you need to put into a new package.

How to use it

For a good explanation of what you need to do read this thread: Tutorial - How to Change Career Names/Job descriptions!
It's about changing jobnames, but there's no real difference in changing other game text. Read it to get an idea of how to extract that STBL file, because (...I'm to lazy) I will only cover how to use this tool and not the S3PIDemoFE. If you already know how to extract files from a package - the String Tables can be found in the \GameData\shared\Packages\fullbuild0.package. There's one for every language and you'll need to extract the one you're using. The tool should work with every language file (at least I hope so. Please say if it does/doesn't. German and english is confirmed)

First thing to do is to open the proper STBL. Click on <File->Open STBL-file> and choose the STBL you want to edit. Be warned, it'll take some time to grab all 35k entries...

After that you should see the first entry (ID should be 0x4fc049c95a1b0da8, and Entrynumber 1). The left textarea shows the actual ingame text. If you want to change it write whatever you want into the right textarea and click the confirm button . Do not forget it
You can manually browse through the entries with the "<-Entry" or "Entry->" buttons.
If you want to search for a specific text put it into the textfield where "Enter search string here" stands and click the "Search>>" button. If nothing happens the whole file does not contain your search string. Uhm... if I remember right you need to watch out for capital letters. If the text was found the tool jumps to the desired entry (there's no marking where it found your string, so you must check the text in the left textarea for yourself)
If you made changes and want to browse through them to check if everything is fine -> thats for what those buttons under the right textarea are good for.
If you want to jump to a specific entry, enter the number in the textfield at the right button and click the "Jump to Entry" button.

That's how the tool works. If you made your desired changes (and if you have confirmed them) click on <File->Save changes to new STBL>. It'll take some time though. After the tool has finished it should say so and you'll find a new STBL in the Out-subfolder. Import it into a package (can be done with the S3PIDemoFE tool mentioned above) and save the new package in your Mods/packages folder.

Congratulations, the game should now show you your own changed text...

words of warning

Keep in mind that this tool was coded at one day, so do not expect something like usability
The reason why I started to program this one was mainly because someone wanted to change the military jobrank-names to something more realistic. Normaly you'd do it with a hexeditor, but that isn't convenient and hard to explain, so I came up with the idea of making it at least a little bit easier - and that's what this tool is all about. I hope you enjoy it.

Additional Credits:
to Sun Microsystems for inventing Java

to the eclipse community for creating the best IDE I've ever seen (and hell... it's free!)

to Peter L Jones, who created the S3PIDemoFE tool (I hope it was him)

to Creon who wrote a good explanation of how to change ingame text with this tool