Core Mod Merger - (no IL or Hex-Editor required !) Udated to 0.1

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2009 at 11:34 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 3:15 PM by Nysha
The Sims 3 Core Mod Merger

Update version and documentation

This is a tool able to inject multiple Core Mods in a batch process.

This merge proccess is fast and really works. (The two sample mods provided injects code in the same method)

This tool will only be useful when (or if) modders agree in develop and distribute core mods in the expected format (dll + config xml).

So, if modders are interested, post your thoughts and injecion requirements here !

Detailed documentation on how to use and develop "mergeable" mods are anexed.

.NET 3.5 Definetly required !!

If you want make a quick test, just:
- Unpack the file into your <The Sims 3 Folder>\ModMerger.
- Running ModMerger.exe will run the batch proccess, merging the two sample core mods (PeeYourself, Instant Maximize) and generate a gameplay.package into the ..\Mods\Package folder. [WARNING - It will overwrite an existent gameplay.package in this folder]
- Running mergerAndRun.bat will merge mods and run the game

UPDATE: Posted source code

Additional Credits:
Uses s3pi .NET API
Uses Mono Cecil IL Instrumentation API