The Sims 3 Mod Generator (OUTDATED)

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2009 at 2:08 PM
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This tool has not been updated for newer patches. Mods generated with this program are usually not compatible with newer patches. Do not use this tool to make mods for upload here at MTS, please!

XML tuning mods are fairly easy to make even without this program, and you can make them with the updated versions of the game's XML files so that you can be sure they'll work correctly with your game and with other updated games. Please see the Create dropdown (Sims 3 > Modding Discussion) for info and tutorials on making XML Mods.

The Sims 3 Mod Generator by Marcelo Morgade

Updated to version 0.2.1
New features: Search function, mod project conflicts checking, external package conflicts checking, text area to show full long parametr descriptions
Java Version Issue: Actually, you need Java 1.6 to run this program.

This tool allows customizing THOUSANDS of game parameters and generates a package file to be used as a "mod". (No XML editing required)

It has the concept of "Mod projects". These "mod projects" groups multiple parameters that can be tuned and saved to a package file. (Take a look at the screenshot).

The Sims Mod Generator version 0.2
Use this tool at your own risk !

1. Unpack in any directory you want.
2. Run SimCustomizer.exe or SimCustomizer.bat
- You need Java 1.6 to run this tool. If you don't have it installed,
the exe will open a browser indicating how to download

The tool works with the 'Mod Project' concept. The project define a set of
customization that make a 'mod'.

You can select an item of interest at 'Available Plugins' list an click 'Add'
to add it to your project in the 'Current Mod Plugins'.
Select an item in the 'Current Mod Plugins' to view all customizable options
at the table in the right.
Select the customized values (WARNING: Setting with wrong values can mess your
You can File->Save Mod Project (as a .smod file) to open it later.
You can File->Export it as a package file that can be installed with tools like
'TS3 Install Helper Monkey'


version 0.2
- Text area to visualize long parameters descriptions

- Search function:
- Type one or more word to search into parameter description and plugin names
- Plugins listed in a search can be added to current project

- Check mod project conflicts
- Select one or more package files to check wich ones conflicts with you project

- Check conflicts between extern mods
- Select two or more package files to verify mods beteween them

***** There are hundreds of customizing plugins in this tool and, obviously, i did'nt tested them all.

******* I'm not a native english speaker

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