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Jellybean Bunny: The New Stuffed Animal on the Block

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Uploaded: 12th Dec 2009 at 12:20 PM
I was never really a teddy bear kind of girl. In fact, growing up I made a point of slowly destroying all my bears while hoarding stuffed animals of other kinds, whether they were raccoons, cats, hippos... but especially rabbits. I've always loved rabbits. They're soft, quiet, and generally mind their own business. They are the stars of several Beatrix Potter tales, and even Warner Brothers cartoons. I simply hold rabbits in much higher esteem than bears, and I felt that my Sims deserved to start out their lives with this alternative noble companion.

I bring to you Jellybean Bunny.

He is the main character in a fictional book written for children, somewhere in the Sim universe. He is based on the Maxis bear mesh, but he has new ears, a new face and head, and new masking (though it may be difficult to tell, the inside of his big, adorable bunny ears has been separated out). He is fully functional and tested with toddlers, children, teens, and adults, and he works just like the better-known Mr. Wugglesworth. He even supplies the Cuddle Time buff when placed in a sleeping toddler's (or child's) inventory!

He has three recolorable channels: fur, shirt, and overalls; and three default recolors if you aren't so keen on customizing but like having a few options.

I only have the base game, but am updated to the newest patch and am using all the latest tools, so he should work beautifully in WA as well. I hope your young Sims enjoy Jellybean Bunny, he truly is a creation from the heart!

Note: You may think you've seen a different rabbit toy for Sims 3, and I believe I saw it too but was very disappointed with the quality of the mesh. This one is my own modification on the Maxis bear mesh, and, I think, a better one. Of course it is my first mesh ever in my life, so if you have some issues or useful critiques, feel free to share!

Polygon Counts:
Same as Wugglesworth Schnuggles Bear
V 827
F 1142

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the developers of s3pe, Milkshape, and TSR Workshop for making this relatively easy to get my head around!