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Toddler Dining Chairs

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2013 at 8:52 AM
Updated: 3rd May 2018 at 4:41 PM
Ever since I bought The Sims 2, it bothered me, that toddlers could not eat at the table with the rest of the family. And now they can!
These are technically highchairs, but they are approached from the side, so they can be placed against a dining-table. I made them look like base-game chairs, adapted for toddler use. There are two with a square cushion, two with a round cushion, and two where I altered the hight of the seat.

Installing as such is easy, these are just normal packages.
I made two versions of my chairs. One with right-side-, and one with left-side access (left and right from the toddler's point of view). The access side is stated in the chair's name and in the description.
They won't overwrite, so you can have both versions in your game. Or you can have three chairs left-access, and three right access. They are all independent objects.
I named the chairs after their resource name, not after the oh-so-funny ingame name. You might want to compare the attached pictures to find out which is which.
To uninstall, just remove the package from the folder, but I recommend to make sure, there is no toddler currently sitting in one of the chairs you are uninstalling. You might actually get away with that, but I don't guarantee!

In game usage


I decided against back-cushions, but I added a slot where you can place any deco-cushions you might have.
The slot which originally was on the tray is still there. You can use it to place a decorative plate, and the parent will even push it towards the child, while seating. Also it won't prevent the baby food or bottle from being placed.

Object Details

All six chairs have the CAST-presets of the original EA-chairs, and those with a cushion have an extra channel for the cushion to be recoloured. They are all a bit leaner than the original, so they won't cut through the wall, if you place them against one.

NamePricePolygons CountsPresetsChannels
Cheap Chair40498As EAAs EA
Chair Club801045As EAAs EA
Chair Country1001014As EAAs EA
Chair Danish Modern120670As EAAs EA
Chair Office50638As EAAs EA
Chair Quaint115966As EAAs EA

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Credits for Screenshot Content
Lamb Cushion: mensure at TSR
Deco Plate: mutske at TSR
Toddler Long Pigtails: Wojtek0 at TSR
Toddler Short Pigtails: Wojtek0 at TSR
Lot: EA, Sunset Valley, Landgraab Avenue 86

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of S3PE, S3OC, Texture Tweaker, Wrappers, Blender, Blender Slot Editor, Milkshape, and Gimp.
Special thanks to Bloom for answering my question when I was stuck...
...and Leefish for the great reformatting!
Thanks also to EA for the chair-meshes, and for making the highchair-tray the same height as the dining table