Elegant Toddler Chairs

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2014 at 2:44 AM
Updated: 8th May 2017 at 8:07 PM
My second toddler dining chair set. While I made the first one with the thought of converting the most universally useful chairs, this one is elegant/oldfashioned themed. It includes the two colonial basegame-chairs and the Supernatural wicker chair. Supernatural EP is not required though.
I named the cheaper colonial chair "Yankee", after it's catalogue description, just not to confuse the two.


I don't want to write the whole essay again. See detailed instructions and pictures how to these chairs work at my first toddler chair set. Everything I wrote there goes for this set as well.

Object Details

NamePricePolygons CountsPresetsChannels
Cheap Colonial9001376As EA4
Chair Wicker2201135As EA4
Chair Yankee2251412As EA4

  • All chairs have matching sunshadows, though I had to move those of the colonial chair a bit. Otherwise it would have made an ugly black stripe into the back. But it's not an outdoor chair anyway.
  • All chairs also have two slots again, one where the tray used to be, and one at the back for placing a cushion.
  • The wicker chair already had four channels in the first place, so I had to combine the cushion with the ornaments.
  • LEFT and RIGHT versions are included in each zip.

Polygon Counts:
Chair Wicker 1135
Chair Yankee 1412
Chair Colonial 1376

Additional Credits:
First of all, Thanks to the usual crowd: The creators of S3PE, S3OC, Texture Tweaker, Wrappers, Blender, Blender Slot Editor, TSRW, Milkshape, and Gimp
Thanks also to the MTS staff for all the help in the past, present and (hopefully) future. Especially Lee, whose formatting I'm shamelessly copying in this post.
Thanks again to EA for the chair-meshes!
Thanks to Claudi73 for her (German language) tutorial on how you actually do edit alpha channels.
Special greetings to jessim