Sims 3 Education Career, Full-Time

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2010 at 2:55 PM
Updated: 21st Dec 2009 at 6:02 AM
I saw in the forums that a custom Education career was in the works, and I waited, and waited... and waited... and--

finally decided to just make it myself.

This was my first experience modding, so it's had its ups and downs, and moments when I was completely stumped, but thanks to the charitable nature of twallan and his brilliant Career Mod framework, I was able to finish. You can find quite detailed instructions on how to write your own career with twallan's framework at The Simmers Club Exchange, and if you're tired of waiting, I would recommend it. All credit for getting the careers loaded into the game, and pulling out the xml necessary to write custom careers without having to script, goes to twallan!

Moving along! This is an Education Career track based on American public school, but if you have S3PE you can change the names and descriptions pretty easily to fit the school system of your preference. There are 9 levels, and your Sim goes to work at the local school, generally during or around normal school hours depending on their position. The variables your performance is based on are Mood, Logic, Charisma, and later on Meetings Held, and there are custom work tones available so your Sim can improve their Logic by working on lesson plans and improve their Charisma by heading up the pep rally. (Note: Your Sim must have at least level 1 of the skill to use the custom work tones.)

As is often somewhat the case in real life, there are no uniforms for this career until your Sim gets in the classroom and starts teaching.

You can see all but one of them in the attached images, as well as the descriptions of each level of the career. The career track is as follows:

Level 1: Crossing Guard
Level 2: Hall Monitor
Level 3: Roll Caller
Level 4: Assistant Teacher
Level 5: Homeroom Teacher
Level 6: Head Teacher
Level 7: Vice Principal
Level 8: Principal
Level 9: Superintendent

The salaries and wages are in line with the other Sims 3 careers, to tune of 6,000 Simoleans per week at level 9, and more if your Sim has gotten a few raises along the way. At the moment, there are no career events or career-specific opportunities, but that by no means implies that there will never be. I am currently up to my neck in a separate set of careers (that will soon be available on SexySims2) and am learning the ropes of custom career events as I go. I will come back to this one and add a full set of career events (EAxis careers have between 25 and 35 each!) as soon as I finish up with the other set. Wrapping things up, your Sim joins and retires from the Education career at the school, I'm not sure you'll be able to find the jobs on the computer or in the paper. If you can, please tell me!

Now on to the technical stuff! The text is only in English (if you care to translate, I'll be happy to add YOUR translation into the package!), but will load no matter what language your Sims 3 game is. So if you have a Japanese version, it will work, but all the job titles and descriptions will be in English. Though some might find this annoying, your Sim can only join this career legitimately, meaning you can't use the cheats and join from the mailbox. Which also means your Sim will have to work their way up the hard way. Sorry. (Well, not really, you cheater!) As per most mods out there, you will need to have MATY's framework installed correctly, which you can find here. This mod is updated for the newest patch but is backwards compatible through to the 1.4 patch, I have no experience with it any further back. Also, in order to run this career you MUST have a BootLoader, for which you have two options.

Option 1:
If you do not have ANY custom careers installed and would only like this particular one in your game, please download Education Career Pack1, as it includes the Education Career and a tweaked version of the NRaas Career Booter. Just drag them into your Mods folder and badabing.

Option 2:
If you already have the NRaas Career Mod installed (or if you want it, in which case you can get it here), then download Education Career Pack2, which only has the package containing the career itself. Why, you ask? twallan's Career Mod is so awesome that as long as they're based on the same framework, you can add as many custom careers as you want. Within reason, of course. Let me take a moment here to recommend Option 2 because twallan is wonderful about keeping his mods up to date, and in the event that some future patch breaks the scripting that currently loads the careers, he will definitely be able to fix it faster than me. Not that I won't do it, just that my skills are not as mad as his.
Note: If you decide you only want my career right now and later decide you want twallan's as well, please remember to replace the Career Booter you got here with his. Highlander rule and all that.

If you notice any errors or text not showing up as it should, please let me know immediately! I'm SO ready to debug if necessary.

I hope your Sims enjoy teaching as much as mine have!! Thanks!

Additional Credits:
Extra special thanks to every single developer behind the tools I used: Stubble, STBLizer, S3PE (of course), and Postal when I was stuck on my Mac on the weekends. You are better men than I. Of course, I'm not a man, but you get my drift.