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Universal Toddler Seats

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2014 at 12:45 AM
Updated: 8th May 2017 at 8:04 PM - Update
Warning: Do not ever let a real toddler sit on a pile of books! They can easily slip and fall down. And be careful with cushions too. Be careful ALWAYS.


May 1st 2014: Updated version with reduced floorshadow and back-cushion-slots.

Okay, back to my normal voice: After I released my first set of toddler chairs, Shmoopiesims (now Loubellesims) made one of them into a set of booster-seats. I hadn't even thought this was possible! But as I've been asked to share my cushion separately, and I always wanted to do a pile of books, I made my own seat set. I still find the complete chairs easier to click though.
(I can't find Loubellesims' original posts any more, but you can still download their seats via the reblogs on my own tumblr: here and here!)

Again, the instructions at my first toddler chair set apply to these seats, too. Only in this case, you place them on a regular dining chair. Older Sims will not be able to sit on the chair with the seat on it. Depending on the height of the chair, the toddler's feet may cut through the chair more or less. (Yes, EA chairs have different hights)

Presets and Customization
The cushion has one channel and comes with one boring preset.
The books have one channel, too, but more interesting presets: The first preset has the standard title as a stencil and the rest of the cover CASTable. The other presets have complete overlays, featuring a toddler book, an antique book, a novel, a recipe, and a shabby book. I used the UV map of the EA book. This is the reason you can't have a pile of two different books. But it also makes it possible to add other EA covers, if you have some basic knowledge of Sims3 OC, PE and TextureTweaker. Just clone any book, extract a cover you like and add it as a preset.

As usual, these seats come as a left, and a right version, and as a special bonus, I've also included a front-access-version (mainly for storytelling purposes).

Found in Buymode under:

Sort by Room/Nursery/Furniture
Sort by Room/Dining/Dining-Chairs
Sort by Function/Kids/Furniture
Sort by Function/Comfort/MiscComfort

They all cost 20§

Polygon Counts:
Cushion 168
Book 186

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of S3PE, S3OC, Texture Tweaker, Wrappers, Blender, Blender Slot Editor, Milkshape, and Gimp.
Huge thanks to shmoopiesims for showing me this is possible!