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Roof Supports Make Good Column Replacements!

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2010 at 8:00 PM
Updated: 19th Feb 2010 at 9:30 PM - Added Collection File
While I was browsing the forums, I saw another WCIF that interested me. This one was about roof supports. There were a few linked to but they weren't quite what the seeker was seeking. So, I present to you roof supports in 2 versions (1-tile and 2-tile), 3 different sizes (short, column height and a short shift-able one) and 2 flavors (both sizes have a repository option). There is also an optional support beam that goes on top of the supports. In Creator Feedback, certain types of textures were mentioned. So there are also 10 recolors- white, light, dark, medium, cherry and grey wood; concrete, marble and stucco. The default texture is a light adobe color.

Real-life pic:

My version:

In both versions:
Short Support - no column, just a support.
Full Length Support - support with a long, column length beam.
Shift-able Support - same as the short support BUT if you have Apartment Life it can be shifted up and down.
The support beam:
It's default position is in the middle of the 2-tile support. It CAN be placed elsewhere using "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false" or "setquartertileplacement on" (if you have M&G). It can also be shifted up and down.

The attached screenshots show just some of the ways these can be used. In my game, I also used them with a half-wall; without a half-wall to divide a room; and around the top of a wall for the heck of it.

The particulars:
*In both versions, the Short and Full Length supports should be base game compatible. They were cloned from the base game UpRite Column. If there are any problems, let me know!
*In both versions, the Shift-able support should show up if you don't have Apartment Life as it was cloned from Bella Squared. However, if you don't have Apartment Life you won't be able to shift it up and down and you can safely delete it if you want to.
*In both versions, all 3 supports sit flat against the wall. However, the full length support can be placed at the corners of fences (or just in the corners of a porch) using cheats. If you want to place it at the corners of fences, you need to place the fence first THEN the support.
*In the REPOSITORY version, the short support is the master. The files are clearly marked to make it easy to remember.
*In both versions, the short and full length supports can be found under Build>Columns. The shift-able support can be found under Decorative>Wall. All supports cost 10 Simoleons.
*All files have their own GUID and won't overwrite any Maxis objects or each other. (Even if you have both versions in your game.)
*A floor tile is NOT needed to place these above the first floor- as long as they're against the wall. If there is an area you have to place a floor tile to be able to place the support- you can delete the floor tile afterwards.
*If you want to place one of these in a tile that already has an object, you'll need to use "moveobjects on".
*These are placeable anywhere within a tile using "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false" or "setquartertileplacement on".
*These have been tested in-game pretty thoroughly. The support beams can be placed over a door without stopping a sim from walking through it. The columns can be used anywhere without stopping a sim from moving around. The columns can also be used to make a car port without stopping a sim from using the car. None of these should stop a sim from doing anything.
*The SHIFTABLE supports and the support beam will go down with walls.

A collection folder has been added- just put it in your My Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Collections folder.

Credit goes to therebel292004 for the idea.

TOU for these:
Recolorable- you can include the mesh. Lots- you can include the mesh. Credit and a link would be appreciated! No paysites or the Exchange please. Please do not upload elsewhere and claim as your own!

Polygon Counts:
Roof Support - 228
Full Length - 230
Shiftable - 228
2-tile Roof Support - 248
2-tile Full Length - 250
2-tile Shiftable - 248
Repositored Supports - (same as non-repository) 228 and 230
2-tile Repositoried Supports - (same as non-repository) 248 and 250
Support Beam - 48

Additional Credits:
SimPE, CEP, PhotoShop CS2, MilkShape, UVMapper