Automail Engineering Major - Requested By 4amMist

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2010 at 3:03 PM
This Major was requested by 4amMist - she (I think you're female, that's what it says on your profile - apologies if I'm wrong!) provided all the text and the original image used for the icon, I just changed it into a major :-) It's an Automail Engineering Major, which is based on Fullmetal Alchemist, which is a Japanese manga series. I had never heard of it until 4amMist requested this major, so please don't expect me to be able to answer questions about it! :-)

Use FrikaC's Majors Made Easier mod to assign this major to your student sims! (See linked thread for details/instuctions etc).

This major is cloned from the Mathematics major, but has a unique GUID - so no overwriting!

It also has its own icon, which has a transparent background in game (thanks to 4amMist for finding the original image for me!):

The focussed skills are Cleaning, Mechanical and Logic..

Automail Engineering Major.

Automail Anatomy: The difference between an arm and a leg
Tools of Trade: The Wrench

Nuts, Bolts and Other Important Parts
How to Repair an Arm in Under Ten Minutes

Advanced Skills: Working with Scrap Metal
Keen Memory: The Importance of Remembering Every Piece

Replacement: Replacing Automail without Seriously Injuring Someone
Senior Project: Building Automail from Scratch

If you have any issues whilst using this major, let me know, and I'll see what I can do! :-) Enjoy! :-)

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to 4amMist for providing the idea, text and original icon image for this major! :-D

Lots and lots of thank yous to whiterider, for the awesome tutorial "Major Creation: The Definite Tutorial". I would never have managed to change the focussed skills without it!

Also thanks to the makers of SimPE, where would we be without them?!

And thanks to FrikaC, as I have said before, your "Majors Made Easier" mod sure did make majors easier! :-)