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Maxis Match - Kitchen Cabinets (updated for Pets)

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2011 at 7:16 PM
Updated: 12th Mar 2012 at 7:37 AM
So I'm starting to build a replica of my house and noticed a few things that Ea really dropped the ball on. The first being no overhead cabinets. Really EA? So I did it for them. I remeshed the five main kitchen cabinets so that they'd fit over the fridge and stove. Same textures, same polys, same stencils. All cabinets are in the cabinets category right next to the original, the stove hood is also in cabinets. These will aslo make a corner at the normal length. You do NOT need "moveobjects on" cheat, I've fixed it for you. Along with these I've made a stove hood to match. Very very low poly, one channel, does not need "moveobjects on." The hood acts as a smoke alarm. Currently trying to figure out how to do the store cabinets, weird stuff be happening. I think that's it.

OMG! I forgot to mention you can make them invisible, you must have the invisible scripts from MTS for them to work. I did this so that you can make a corner with 3 pieces and make one of the ends invisible while leaving the corner piece a corner.
Invisible Script

Please re-download if you were having routing issues. Big thank you for everyone that helped with the trouble shooting.

I've only put compatibility with LN because one of them is from that EP.

I'm incredibly sorry for those of you experiencing route failure issues with these. I am not experiencing this and have tested a few things out and cannot replicate. If and when I figure this out I will update.

Polygon Counts:
Object Name - F/V - price
Stove Hood- 40/80 - 45
Immemorial Cabinet - 206/272 - 165
Real Flat Cabinet - 278/300 - 310
Impossible Mission Cabinet- 338/468 - 230
Counter Coulture Cabinet - 384/478 - 130
Modernosity Cabinet - 294/299 - 375

Additional Credits:
Thank you so much to Bloom and CmoMoney for all their help and to Buzzler for adding the cabinet scripts to his invisible mod.