Brass beds mask fix

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2012 at 5:55 PM
Updated: 5th Sep 2012 at 5:22 AM - Brainfart.. this was made with 1.38 :D
I was sitting at Creation chat as usual, and Spladoum showed us some pics of her new poses. The poses looked great, as usual, but something else poked my eye really hard. The lower mattress on EA's Brass bed was made of metal!

I figured, nono, that's not cool, and decided it needed to be fixed immediately.

So, this is a simple override mod, that fixes the mask on EA's Brass beds. Both single and double. Now your simmies can enjoy sleeping on comfy mattresses instead of hitting their back against metal every time they jump to the bed a little more harder than regularly. One would figure woohoo tastes better without the metal mattress too

Resources this mod overrides:

This mod will conflict with anything that changes the above resources.

Catalog location, price etc. are unaltered. The lower mattress now uses the blue channel, which is the same for the upper mattress, pillows and lower blanket, instead of green which is the bed frame.

Please note:
When you put these to your game, clear your game caches before running the game. Otherwise the override will not kick in, since it modifies EA content directly.

If you decide to use it in a lot you make, the downloader can choose whether they wish to get the mod or not. Not having it just makes the beds look like they originally do. Crappy. Please credit with a link, though.

Thanks to Splad fo showing pics that revealed the need for this mod, thanks to her for testing, and finally, thanks for taking me a nice picture and allowing me to use it in my upload.

Just look how happy her sim looks in the new mattress :D

Please enjoy this mod!